Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Much Ado About Nothing

I've spent the last 10 minutes searching for a Spike quote that fits what I want to talk about today, all for naught. I'm feeling really scattered today, the weather's crummy, and I'm bored out of my frickin' wits at work lately. Friday won't be here soon enough, my friends.

What's up with little old moi, lately. I had a fine evening with the kids on Monday, and Phil was back home safe and sound in time for dinner yesterday, which was nice. Émilie is always very demanding of Phil's attention whenever he has to go away on business, and last night was no exception. Lots of "Papa, Papa, Papa, Papa, Papa, Papa..." Couldn't get a word in.

Last night I checked my vegetable patch and saw that 2 zucchinis were ready to be picked! Actually, one was MASSIVE (I see your large zucchini, Robyn, and raise you one medium zucchini and one cherry tomato!), almost to the point of being extreme. Check it out.

Now, tell me you can look at this thing WITHOUT your mind running straight to the gutter. Go ahead. I didn't think so.

The weather was looking a little iffy last night, so I just grilled the smaller one indoors (we'll try the BBQ tonight), and it was delicious. Maxime couldn't get enough of it! I wish I'd filmed him, actually. As soon as I set his plate down in front of him, he dived straight for the green stuff. Then when he was done, he reached out towards MY plate and made these insistent Mmmmm! MMMMMM!!! sounds (translation= "Gimme that!!!"). It's funny, kids usually have a sharp drop in appetite when they hit about a year old (which is totally natural, since their growth slows down quite considerably around that age), but not so with Maxime! He'll eat pretty much anything. Kids gonna be a tank, I tell you. It's hard for me to imagine that he'll one day be taller than me. Crap, if he keeps this up, my food bills are going to go through the roof when he's a teenager!!!

OK, slow down there Mamacita... he's 14 months old. :)

That's great, T. Now get to the knitting already!

I'm happy to report that swatching was successful with the Maple Creek Farm, and I've made nice progress on the leg of Phil's Luxor sock. Funny how much faster I knit when it's with a sense of smug satisfaction at my own brilliance.

I'm considering making this my "commute" knitting, because the Pinwheel Baby Blanket is getting rather unwieldy.
I moved it onto 2 100cm circular needles so I could get a better idea of it's size (and also so that people would stop thinking I was making a giant Rasta Hat). I like the way it looks so far, though I'm not loving the knots in the Katia Jamaica cotton! I'm going to have to investigate edgings pretty soon. Once I have one selected, I'll decide when to stop knitting (the final stitch count will depend on the edging).

That's about it, gentle reader! It looks as though tonight's LavalKnits meeting is a bust, which is just as well, as I want to get some laundry done so most of our clothes are clean for packing tomorrow night. We've decided to drive to my Dad's right after work on Friday, so the kids can sleep in the back most of the way (easier for them AND for us). I'll try to get a quick post out on Friday before I leave, though.

Happy Knitting Everyone!


Anonymous said...

gorgeous blanket! I love the colours!!
and mmm grilled zucchini- yummy....
your SP

Caroline said...

"Now, tell me you can look at this thing WITHOUT your mind running straight to the gutter"


Sinéad said...

That is some baby blanket, or should I say rasta hat, love the colours!
And the Luxor sock is coming along beautifully. He'll be begging for those socks by ythe time you're finished them.
And the zucchini(or courgette as it's known here)? well, I was going to say I'm a good Irish catholic girl and haven't a clue what you're referring to, but then I thought, nah she'll never believe that.

only one more day!!! woohoo!

Jennifer Lori said...

I'm just glad you didn't post a photo of one zucchini with two cherry tomatos! ;P

I love the rasta ha- Pinwheel Blanket. I've wanted to make one of those for years now.

Amelah said...

LOL you made us think more about the gutter by making that comment! Hard not to laugh...I love the pattern and colors of the blanket! It's awesome!

Montreal Mama said...

My zucchini is bigger than your zucchini.

Muuah hahahahaha.....

birana said...

Nice sock pattern… and What a zucchini!!!