Saturday, June 12, 2010

What else...

Well, now that I’m done being a drama queen, how ‘bout we talk about knitting?

Feeling the way I have lately, I’m rather surprised there isn’t more knitting progress to share, to tell you the truth. You’d think I’d be embracing the soothing familiarity of it and projects would be flying off the needles, right?

Still, there are a few things in the works. I finished the first Wednesday sock and am about halfway through the leg of the second one. These are definitely going to be getting a primo place in the sock rotation when they’re done. The colour, the stitch pattern, the yarn… there’s NOTHING I don’t like about these socks. And the fit! It’s like they were MADE for me! (Knitter humour – Hah!)

Much as I adore them, they’ve been moved to the back-burner in favour of a more pressing project: a new cardigan for Émilie.

The Tiny Tea Leaves cardigan, using Dream in Color Classy in the Cool Fire colourway. Simple, elegant, and by all rights it should be a quick knit. And no seaming! Who doesn’t love THAT?

Happy Knitting Everyone!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

On time...

I think Albert Einstein was onto something with his Theory of Relativity (Hear that? That’s the sound of the scientific community screeching to a halt and waiting with bated breath to hear what I’ve got to say on the subject). Time really IS relative, you know? Depending on what your perspective, it can go by REALLY fast or incredibly slooooooooowly.

A few examples:

  • Working on Subject headings or Authority Records (librarian speak)? Slow time.
  • School year about to end? Dude, that’s crazy-fast-time.
  • Knitting a cardigan with lace-weight yarn and 2.0 mm needles? Mind-numbingly-slow-time.
  • Whadaya know it’s been almost a month since I last posted? OMG-where’d-it-go-it-went-by-so-fast-time.

So yeah, Einstein was right. Either that, or there’s something seriously wonky going on with the space-time continuum, and we need Scotty to figure something out STAT.

All that to say, it’s been busy, and I’m starting to feel the strain of trying to frantically keep all the spinning plates in the air. I want to just stand still for a while, collect my thoughts, ponder my next move, and make sure it’s the right one for me. As excessive as I tend to be with my passions (and I’ve got the stash to prove it, heh), I also tend to be excessive when I’ve had enough. I don’t just cut back and take a breather. I peter out, I lose interest, I put it down and walk away. And while I’ll concede that that might be letting the pendulum swing a tad bit too far in the opposite direction, that’s just the way I am. I’m a work in progress, and it’s beginning to sink in that I’ve still got a LONG way to go. As Buffy said “I’m still cookie dough”.

I’ve kept quiet for the past few weeks mainly because it’s very important to me to put out “good” posts. Yes, my readers are important to me (and you are, and I know you’ve been wondering where I’ve been), but I’VE got to be happy and satisfied with what I put out there. And the magic spark just plain old hasn’t been there lately. I don’t feel like blathering on about how I’m just trying to keep my head above water. Talking about laundry and groceries and the normal goings-on of everyday life just isn’t inspiring me right now.

I’m still here though, still knitting (albeit less than I used to). And I haven’t forgotten you. Thanks for not forgetting me.

Happy Knitting, Everyone.