Saturday, May 19, 2012


For years now, I've been wanting to make a quilt. The fabrics, the designs... I was smitten.  However, there was always something holding me back: I didn't *actually* know how to sew, which is sorta kinda important if you're going to make a quilt.  So I've heard, anyway.  Hah.

With Kate-the-Enabler's help and guidance, I eventually found my way around the basics.  I say "found my way" because, no, I don't think I've mastered them.  But I can thread my sewing machine and I can sew a straight line.  I decided I was good to go.

I chose a relatively simple design for my first project, Alice by Red Pepper Quilts.  It features 2 traditional blocks, log cabins and four-patch blocks, and looked easy enough to my newbie eyes.  I started sewing.

Here's the thing though: the finished size as stated by the pattern is 40.5 inches x 48.5 inches (about 1 meter x 1.3 meters).  And that's... small, you know? Now... maybe it's my newbieness talking here, but when I think "Quilt", I think "Blanket".  40.5 in x 48.5 inches is a lap quilt.  It's a decorative piece. It's not a blanket.

No worries, I thought.  I'll just make it bigger by making more blocks!  How hard can that be?

So that's what I did, my friends.  I made more blocks.

Lots more.

Holy freaking crap.

Happy Sewing, Friends!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

There Were Birds

One thing that never fails to amaze me about the whole process of making things is how - usually - what you wind up with becomes so much more than what initially went into it.  As knitters, we know all about that, don't we?  We know that,  given a little time (OK, sometimes a lot) and a whack of patience, a little string can become a sweater.  Quilters know that scraps of fabric, thread, and time can turn into a blanket that will keep future generations feeling warm and safe.  Bakers know that flour, milk and eggs can become a delicious dessert.

Well as of today, my friends, this Mum knows that - given enough time (six days, to be exact) - strips of newspaper, glue, and paint can make a newly minted 5-year old and his friends very, very happy.

Red Bird piñata, inspired by this blog post.

Now... chocolate cake mix, food dye, marshmallows and fondant?  With a little time, they make EVERYONE happy!

You know, it has to be said: as much as I love it (and y'all know I do), knitting sweaters ain't got nuthin' on knowing you made something totally awesome for your son on his special day.

 Happy 5th Birthday, Maxime.  I love you.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012


Most of the projects I've taken on lately, be they big or small, have hit one kind of wall or another and been somewhat frustrated by failure.  It's as though my creativity and my Make-It drive keep getting snagged on something (Life?  The Universe?  Everything?), and whatever I do, I wind up with the same result: a FAIL.

To wit:

Pedicure? FAIL

Yellow looks fabulous! In the bottle, not on my toes

Putting the started plants for this year's vegetable garden outside so they can "soak up the sunshine and get stronger"?  FAIL. 

Yeeeeaaah.... If it's 9 degrees Celcius out? Sun-schmun. The plants are DEAD.  Sob!!!!

I really hope I have more luck with my current project!  An Angry Bird piñata for Maxime's 5th birthday party on Sunday. (The irony that this project will ultimately end up being destroyed is not lost on me, my friends.)

Happy Making, Everyone!

Thursday, May 3, 2012

It had to be done...

That doesn't mean I have to be happy about it though.

Happy Ripping Knitting, Everyone!