Saturday, May 15, 2010

The Big Three

Well HI there! Alright, I could give y'all the usual schtick about how busy I've been, how sorry I am that I've been MIA for (gulp) almost 2 weeks, yadayadayada... But I'm not going to. The truth is that, well... I just haven't really felt like blogging lately.

There. I said it. I haven't felt very bloggy, blogish, blog-worthy. But in my infinite wisdom, I've discovered that sometimes you need to get back on the horse to re-discover your love of riding. You need to get back on the treadmill to remember that, hey, this running stuff is actually pretty cool. And you need to put up a blog post, even a mediocre one, to remember why you fell in love with this form of communication in the first place.

So! Today isn't a knit-related post, I'm afraid. No, there's been an event at Casa De Dear that, I think, takes precedence over this love affair I have with string. And that's my little Maxime's third birthday. Yup, my little man turned THREE big ones on Friday. I think it's safe to say that he's now OFFICIALLY not a baby anymore.

The day started out simply enough. It was a work/school day, so we got up at 6, had our usual breakfast, and set about accomplishing our goal for the morning: getting one kid positively giddy with excitement whilst simultaneously reducing the other to tears because "He's getting all the attention and it's NOT FAIR". *Sigh*

They had a lovely party for him at daycare, and that night the four of us enjoyed a wee cake and Maxime got to open a few more gifts.

At this point the fatigue and sugar kicked in for both, and the shrieking commenced, so we put 'em both to bed and tried to gather what little strength we had to get ready for the traditional birthday BBQ we usually have for the kids' birthdays (we don't really do the mega-kid-party until they're 4).

We ate, we enjoyed the company of a few friends we haven't seen in a good long while, and now... I'm positively exhausted! But oh so proud of my 2, beautiful children. We done good, dear.

Happy Knitting Everyone!


kate-the-enabler said...

You done good indeed - congratulations, both parents, and HAPPY BELATED to Maxou - what lovely photos - he's clearly having a really happy day.
(as for the rest, you blog when you blog. we read and enjoy when you do. I don't think you need pressure from you hobbies....)

Ali P said...

Kate summed it up well.

Congratulations on surviving yet another year of parenting! They are very cute and you did indeed do very well.

Knit and Purl Mama said...

Happy Birthday Maxime!!! Hope he had a good one.

Love the chocolate mouth photos! He certainly looks like he had a great birthday!

Sinéad said...

Aw Happy Birthday big guy! Glad he had a good day.

Alrischa said...

Hmm; I started reading your blog because you mentioned his age on a YarnHarlot comment, I think, and I realized he was almost the same age as Byron. Must be nearly three years ago!

Happy Birthday, Maxime!

Big Girl Feet said...

Happy belated birthday to your lil' Maxime!! And maybe it can be a belated Happy Big Sister Day to your sweet Emilie!!

Jennifer said...

I hear you on the not wanting to blog...I keep forgetting I even have one!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Maxime! LOVE the messy face photo. :)