Wednesday, December 15, 2010

There may be pictures

I'm writing this up before heading out to meet my ex-boby-builder sister-in-law at the gym for a "fun workout" (her words, not mine). I have not had time to edit the pictures I took this weekend. Assuming I retain any kind of muscle control when I get back, I'll put them in this post. If not, you'll just have to wait another day.

One of the things that troubles me about blogging lately is the absence of pictures. Someone once told me that a good blog is all about the photography, and that's certainly true for certain blogs I lurk in read. Sure, a funny story is all well and good, but this is a knitting blog. If there isn't going to be any kind of visual reference point for all the stuff I'm knitting (you know, like with Castlegar? Insert sheepish grin here), it's hard to keep your readers interested.

The only problem is that it's December in the Northern hemisphere, and I work full-time. When I leave for work, the sun's barely up, and that sucker's long gone by the time I get home. Weekends? Try getting some quiet, quality photography time with 2 kids in the house. Not to mention DORMA duties.

Sometimes I manage to pull it off, of course. This weekend I took pictures of my Non-Cookie-KAL Estonian Socks, mach 1.

Yup, Mach 1. I didn't like the results of my colour selection at ALL. I was aiming for something Mustaavillaa-ish and came up with.... ass. Blue-teal ass. Naturally, they've been ripped out since then, and all the little coloured bits of ass-making yarn are waiting in Albert the hamster's "nest yarn" stash.

I've re-cast on with a much simpler combo, and I'm reasonably happy with the results so far. I'm a bit concerned about the heel shaping for these socks (hint: there is no gusset shaping. I LOVE gussets) and the fit is giving me a bit of a ponder as well. But for now, I'm happy.

Happy Knitting Everyone!

Added later: The workout was... well. Hard. Tomorrow is going to be brutal.


Maryse said...

Suspense, suspense ;-)

Big Girl Feet said...

Wow I am so in awe of your knitting- even though you ripped it out- eeep!!- I have a lot to learn- d'oh!!
I can't wait to see how these turn out!

sapphireblue said...

Wow! Look at that colorwork!

I understand about the two kids, and trying to keep up good pics for the blog. It's tough.

Knit and Purl Mama said...

Oh, I liked those colors together... to bad you ripped them out :(

I can't wait to see your Castlegar photos... I hope you get some good shots soon. Could someone take some photos for you on your lunch break maybe? Is there good lighting at work anywhere?? Just a thought?

That's cute that Albert gets yarn bits for his nest... I will save my bits for him too :) (I always have bits after making a square for Babette) :)

Laurie said...

I liked those colors! Hope your survive the "fun" workout. And don't get me started on photos in blogs. I still can't get my computer to acknowledge my camera...grrr... And what's with the word verification saying "scrotsi"? That sounds vaguely obscene in an Italian kind of way. LOL!

Sinéad said...

Sorry, late commenting again. As a librarian, you should fine me for late commenting, much as you would for a late book return. Probably the only way I'll get my act together!

I actually liked your first colour choice for the socks! Looking forward to seeing the socks, take two! I'm interested to see how the gusset will be shaped without a gusset. Is it a tube sock?