Sunday, February 6, 2011

My new favourite

Many Canadians have developed a coping mechanism to get through the 5 months of winter we get here: they ski (downhill, cross-country, kite), snowshoe, ice skate, ice fish, play hockey, toboggan... they throw themselves into the great outdoors with wild abandon and incredible enthusiasm. I, my friends, am not one of those people. Winter, and the cold, pretty much suck arse in my humble opinion, and it's a rare winter day that doesn't see me counting down the days until spring (42, in case you were wondering).

In keeping with the whole "Hope Springs Eternal" thing, I don't change my wardrobe all that much during the winter. Sure, the shorts and sandals are put away, and I don't wear skirts as often as I do in the summer... but you won't find many long-sleeved shirts or sweaters in my repertoire, either. T-shirts are the one thing I can't bare to put away for the Winter.

Now, I may be a hopeless romantic when it comes to spring and summer, but I ain't stupid either. I still want to be warm. Enter the cardigan, and Castlegar (bet you were wondering where I was going with that, eh?) is definitely my new favourite.

Laura Chau's Castlegar cardigan
Yarn: String Theory Caper Sock
Colour: Bee's Knees
Needles: 3.25 mm circulars and dpns
Size made: 35 inch bust
Modifications: slight

There's, quite simply, nothing I don't like about this cardigan. The colour, the simplicity of the design, the fact that it's lightweight... it's the perfect thing to throw on over a T-shirt when there's a chill in the air, and it looks (and feels!) fabulous.

Now, I'm not going to lie: knitting this cardigan up takes a bit of patience. It's knit in a fingering weight yarn, so progress can be frustratingly slow. The fact that I chose a superb yarn that I absolutely love to work with was certainly helpful in getting me through all that stockinette! And the fact that there's no assembly required makes it a winner in my book (as always).

So there you (finally) have it! I hope it was worth the wait.

Happy Knitting, Everyone!


kate-the-enabler said...

a little cashmere/merino blend ray of sunshine.... :) Looks as lovely in the photos as it does in person (and that doesn't always happen...)
and while I'm doling out compliments - HEY! are those the DECALS in the background? Nice!

Maryse said...

Oui, l'attente en valait le coup! Quelle belle façon d'introduire ton cardigan, en parlant du printemps et de l'été! Délicat et ensoleillé! Il te va à merveille! Peut-être en aurais-je aussi un, un jour! Bonne semaine!

Chantal Boucher said...

Il te va à ravir... et ça donne le goût du printemps cette couleur!

Caroline said...

I'm with you re: winter. If I could sleep winter away, I would.

Lovely cardigan, just beautiful, and it looks perfect on you.

sapphireblue said...

Same here. Winters are long and people go skying. I prefer to eat, sleep, and knit. I'm a wimp.

Laurie said...

Your Castlegar is beautiful, and you look beautiful wearing it! 42 days till spring, eh? Well, for baseball fans like me, it's only a week away - spring training starts next Monday! LOL!

Jennifer said...

Looks awesome! Especially that last photo, which is stunning. AND shows that the color works quite well with your skin/hair. So the fretting was needless.

chudoland said...

you are so chic on the last photo!

dawn said...

Wow, that color looks lovely on you. I'm sure the snuggly, soft cashmere will keep you toasty, and help you get through the 42 days of winter we have left.

Big Girl Feet said...

Gorgeous! the colour looks fab on you!!

Knit and Purl Mama said...

It's super gorgeous! Wear it well.