Thursday, June 16, 2011

Carry on

When I got home from an appointment at 9:15 last night, Phil was at his sewing machine, busily stitching away at the tail for the 500 square foot kite he's hoping to take out for it's inaugural flight at a kite festival this weekend.

I had had a long day... Phil had to leave early yesterday morning for work, leaving me to pull double drop-off/pick up duty with the kids. I was tired, grumpy, and desperately needed wanted needed to just sit and knit for an hour before collapsing into bed and starting the madness all over again tomorrow.

So I get home... and the dinner dishes aren't done. The pots and pans are just piled in the sink. Mocking me.

I won't lie: I was kinda pissed. Phil and I have this informal understanding that whoever makes the dinner doesn't do the dishes, and dudes... I made dinner. I made dinner, watered the plants, gave the kids their baths, put Maxime to bed... The dishes should TOTALLY have been done when I got home, y'all. Seriously. And there he was, sewing away, without a care in the world.

So I did that thing we wives do when we're pissed because our husbands didn't do something we expected them to: I didn't say a f***ing thing and did the dishes myself - really loudly - while sighing dramatically and sending bad juju in his general vicinity.

Must've worked, too, because after a minute he looked up, sort of mumbled an apology and tried to make light of his obvious transgression of The Rules by saying "At least I emptied the dishwasher though, right?".

"Hmmm..." I scowled and kept scrubbing.

"You get the urgency of this though" he said, pointing to the yards and yards of fabric beside him, "right?"

"Hmmm..." I said again. I may have huffed a little.

He paused for a moment, clearly trying to figure out a way to make me understand.

Then he says: "I'm rushing to finish my sweater for Rhinebeck, Dear."

Carry on, dude.


Mrhide said...

I love ya :)

sapphireblue said...

Girl!!! Don't get me started. When hubs is working and I am off, stuff gets done. Laundry and dinner are waiting. When I am working and he is off, like a weekend, I come home to find complete disaster. His excuse is that the baby wouldn't let him put him down. Okay, so that's an excuse to leave the house in chaos? You couldnt even pick up your clothes off the bed. You couldnt get dressed. Good thing our oldest can feed herself, because she would have starved. I always say, anytime he has to watch the baby its like cutting his limbs off. Grrr! Okay, off my soapbox.

cauchy09 said...

heh. cute story. i likely would have sympathized with the kite sewing. and now i want to see the kite in flight! :o)

Chantal Boucher said...

Drôle!!! Je t'imagine parfaitement!! Tu es une bonne "conteuse" Tara!

Alrischa said...

lol! That's a good way to get you to understand his perspective, with the added bonus of Permission for you to do the same ;D

Lucky you, though. I do all the cooking and dishes. Even on my night off each week, he leaves me the dishes to do.

Did you get your knitting hour?

Maryse said...


Dawn said...

Ugh I hate it when they're right!!

Sinéad said...

Ouch! Touché Phil. What a comeback. You gotta love it!

Cynthia F said...


Knit and Purl Mama said...

Ha ha! Cute.

Sandra said...

Love it!

Jennifer said...

Ok really? That's adorable. I totally get you on the dishes, or whatever chore it may be...(can I get an amen for all the times I wake and dress the kids, give them breakfast, make our breakfast, clean the skillet and kids' dishes, leave his breakfast on a plate by his cell phone while I go get myself dressed...then come back down to find his empty plate on the counter?! Forget washing it- it's sitting on top of the dishwasher! Argh.)
Still...that was a cute comment. :)