Friday, July 8, 2011

Two words

I wasn't supposed to work today. I usually get Fridays off during the summer, but due to a bunch of stuff that couldn't be helped this week, I really needed to go into the office.

It's been a tiring week, so this morning, when the Evil Peaceful Slumber Destroyer alarm clock rang, to say I didn't feel like going in would be like saying Lindsay Lohan might have some personal issues: big fat DUH.

I offered myself a compromise: I'd go in that morning, see if there were fires that needed putting out, and if it was feasible, I'd take the afternoon off.

Turns out most of the staff had taken today off, and things were pretty quiet, so at noon I packed everything up and headed home.

Since the kiddos were already taken care of for the day, I decided a little Tara-time (of the making variety) was in order!

I did a little sewing while listening to the Billboard Top 100 for 1983 (and can I just say? 1983 was the best year EVER! SO many good tunes...)

I had a glass of Rosé...

All under the semi watchful eye of Miss Lori.

So how was my afternoon? Two words: Buh-Liss.

Happy Sewing, Everyone!


cauchy09 said...

heh! sounds like the perfect day. and now i'm trying to imagine the hits of 1983: men at work, duran duran, boy george, madonna...?

sapphireblue said...

Good for you! You deserve some "you" time.

Knit and Purl Mama said...

Sounds like a good afternoon! Lucky you!

Jennifer said...

I LOVE 80s music!

ps Nice stitches! I think my sewing machine is buried under bags of yarn. :/

Dawn said...

Sounds like just what the Dr ordered!

Sinéad said...

Mm. Perfect day! Well, apart from the having to get up & go to work part. Your sewing (as always) looks great!