Monday, November 21, 2011

Fishermen's Friends

About a zillion years ago (or so it seems anyway), I was stalking browsing Springtree Road's site when I fell hard for a skein of BFL fingering weight yarn in the most absolutely perfect shade of red. It was magnificent, I tell you. It had richness and depth and it just felt luxurious, you know? It looked like velvet is supposed to feel. It was called Red Delicious, and I wanted very much to make it mine.

Of course, I was on a yarn-diet at the time, one that I was actually sticking with for a change, so despite some pretty gosh-darn strong feelings on the subject, I didn't buy it.

And for weeks that was how it went. I would stalk browse Maya's site and I would have a cyber-visit with the red yarn. I would look at it and sigh over it's magnificence, and I would let it go. Until one day, I visited my the yarn and saw that there was only ONE skein of my precious Red Delicious in stock. ONE SKEIN, people.

I think you can guess what happened next? Yarn diet schmyarn diet, and I'll take a membership in your fabulous sock clique club while I'm at it, thanks.

When it arrived it was just as fabulous as I had imagined it would be. Contrary to my usual habit, I didn't carry the skein around me for a few days, taking every opportunity to look at it and give it an affectionate squeeze (shut up, you SO do it too!). I wound it up almost immediately. I had fawned over this yarn long enough, my friends. I couldn't wait to knit it up.

For some reason, I felt that the skein wanted to be knit up into man socks. Awesome, kickass, Yeah-I'm-wearing-red-socks-what's-it-to-you-pal socks. Socks that would make an impression. Epic socks.

I chose to knit up my Red Delicious yarn into these Filey socks, inspired by a traditional guernsey pattern. Because it's my firm belief that if fishermen of yore had had access to some awesome red yarn, they would totally be more traditional red guernseys in the world. Heh.

Chalk ONE up for the Christmas Gift Pile (Yup, I said it. Hang on to your dpns my friends. Chrismas Knitting has arrived chez Dear.)

Happy Christmas Knitting, Everyone!


Jacqueline said...

What a gorgeous colour, very warming!.
Must be the IN colour, I'm knitting myself some cosy slippers in the same shade.
Love reading your blog by the way.

sapphireblue said...

Very pretty color. I like the pattern you used.

Maryse said...

They are beautiful and they have a nice story! What more can they ask for ;-)

Sinéad said...

O.M.G. Socks of awsomeauce-ness. They're mucho fabuloso! I adore them. In fact, I covet them. I just had to visit the site after you mentioned it, and oh! The grey sock yarn! Oh! It's fabulousness knows no bounds. Except it's sold out. I haz a sad. :( I am a converted stalker now, waiting for new stock. :)

margaux said...

well hello gorgeous socks! and did i read that right, those were are a GIFT!? amazing indeed ;-)

Mrhide said...

Santa will love them! :)

Dawn said...

Oh my gosh...those socks are gorgeous!!! I love them!

Alrischa said...

That yarn is Shining at me! And dammit, I know there's no more!!

hehe. Very pretty socks. Awesome for fishing :)

Jennifer said...

Those are GORGEOUS socks!

Knit and Purl Mama said...

Stunning color! I so would have walked around with that skein for a few days to pet & play with! Lol.

Those are some red hot man socks! Great start to your Christmas knitting!