Wednesday, March 28, 2012

In which we discuss baby knits

Here's the thing: I mostly knit stuff for myself. And by that I don't mean that I knit to satisfy my intellect or creative process or entertainment (although knitting certainly fills those shoes too), but mostly I mean that the end result, the FO, that which I am working on... is usually for me. It all boils down to this (apologies if I offend you charity knitters out there):

My Money (yarn) + My Time = My Knitwear

That's not to say that I haven't dished out my fair share of woolly love over the years. I totally have. I have many a friend/loved one who has been found worthy and been blessed with the gift of my time my yarn my skill my yarn my dedication to my craft MY YARN!!! knitwear. But I'm not one of those knitters, you know? You know the ones who whip up a pair of mittens for a casual work acquaintance because they mentioned they had cold hands once? Heck no. Screw that, they can get their own damn mittens!

Take baby knits. Some knitters are All. About. the baby knits. Brother-in-law's cousin's daughter's hairdresser is expecting her ninth? That woman needs a baby knit! And, you know... that's totally cool, more power to them.

I, however, am not that knitter. Are baby knits cute? Satisfying to knit? Satisfying to give? Fun? You're darn tootin'. But they're only worn for about, oh, 9 minutes before the bundle of joy outgrows them, and that's a clear affront to my "selfish" knitter tendencies.

So friends, if you've received a baby knit from me, know that it's because you're loved here at Casa de Dear, and tap yourselves on the back for being one of the lucky few.

The most recent baby knit to come off the needles was completed sometime in... um... November of last year? I think? I know, I'm a terrible blogger and you should shun me. Moving on.

I knit this one for a knitter friend's Miracle Baby. Really. This baby girl, this little gem, came unexpectedly into their lives, and her ecstatic reaction compelled me to knit something for her. I think it was her joy at being pregnant that drew me in. She was just SO happy, you couldn't help but gravitate towards her.

I chose the Korrigan pattern, because it was simple and elegant and had those gorgeous cables that just screamed Knit Me!!! Knit it up in a gorgeous golden yellow silk/merino blend from No Two Snowflakes I had left over from another project.

(What IS it about yellow anyway? Have you ever noticed how it can "upgrade" any old project from ho-hum to fabulous because, hey, wow, IT'S YELLOW!!!)

All in all, a successful project, I think. I hope it will keep my friend's Miracle Baby warm for many minutes to come :)

And yes... it had buttons when I gave it to her. Bad blogger, remember?

Happy Knitting, Everyone!

Edited to add: speaking of baby knits, Tanis is having a giveaway for one of her awesome Shane Baby Blanket kits! Check it out here!


Knit and Purl Mama said...

Beautiful baby sweater!

I can say that I do feel honored that you've knitted baby things for me! xo

Alrischa said...

What a cute little top! I agree about the yellow. And the 9 minutes! I'm trawling Rav at the moment for niece/nephew clothes. My sil wants brown, not yellow :( hehe, but I do love knitting the little stuff.

What I do appreciate about baby gifts is seeing the baby wear it at least once. Even a photo.

cauchy09 said...

i couldn't agree more about knitting baby clothes. your sweater is super sweet! that yellow is gorgeous.

Mrhide said...
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Caroline said...

I truly feel honored that you took the time to knit for my baby. And don't feel that you have to knit something for #2.

But if you do, I want that sweater too! (I'm just kidding of course, keep knitting for yourself, you deserve it!) :)

Maryse said...

Better late than never! So pretty in yellow! I love these cables. I'm always drawn to knits with that type of cable. They look so zen!

Jennifer said...



I'm so behind on things, that this is how I hear the news. CONGRATULATIONS CAROLINE!!!

PS those cables? I just want to squish them. :)

Audrey said...

(sob!) Thank you so much xxoxx Anne-Sophie started wearing her beautiful yellow cardi this week. I will get you a picture tomorrow so you can enjoy it on her too!