Tuesday, May 8, 2012


Most of the projects I've taken on lately, be they big or small, have hit one kind of wall or another and been somewhat frustrated by failure.  It's as though my creativity and my Make-It drive keep getting snagged on something (Life?  The Universe?  Everything?), and whatever I do, I wind up with the same result: a FAIL.

To wit:

Pedicure? FAIL

Yellow looks fabulous! In the bottle, not on my toes

Putting the started plants for this year's vegetable garden outside so they can "soak up the sunshine and get stronger"?  FAIL. 

Yeeeeaaah.... If it's 9 degrees Celcius out? Sun-schmun. The plants are DEAD.  Sob!!!!

I really hope I have more luck with my current project!  An Angry Bird piñata for Maxime's 5th birthday party on Sunday. (The irony that this project will ultimately end up being destroyed is not lost on me, my friends.)

Happy Making, Everyone!


Rhonda said...

I was thinking about your "weekend with no dishwasher". Just to put your pain in perspective...My first 10 years in Japan were without a dishwasher; in an older home with a kitchen counter at 80cm.
I would love to be living in the U.S. But at least I have a dishwasher now.

Jacqueline said...

Hi I often drop by and read your blog but I had to comment today when I read about the yellow nail polish. I've had a similar experience with a gold colour, hence it has never been allowed out of the bottle again!

Sinéad said...

Yellow nails. Sounds fun, but yeah, maybe not the best choice :)
And you're not alon with your dead plants, I've lost nearly all my tomatoes and my onions are struggling. :(
Happy birthday to Maxime!

Maryse said...

How's the piñata going? Have a great weekend! And may the force be with your tomatoes!

Knit and Purl Mama said...

There are worse things in life! It's not so bad. I failed in the veggie garden department this year. I am so behind. There is always next summer.

Happy mother's day!

sapphireblue said...

I hope you day is going better.

Dawn said...

Ohhh poor tomato starts...Ours all died too so we had to buy some already started at the greenhouse down the street. Well at least we're supporting our local business.