Friday, May 16, 2008


Unoriginal, I know, but true nonetheless. Thank God it's Friday! It's been a rough week all by my lonesome with the 2 cherubs, while at the same time getting back into the habit of a 9-5 workday. Of course the kids sensed that I was at my most vulnerable, and tag-teamed each other with teething, colds and fevers. So stick the proverbial fork in me, I am DONE!

It doesn't help matters that Maxime has been waking up at the crack of dawn all week. And when I say crack of dawn, I mean that literally. He's been averaging about 5:15-5:20 AM, and babbles ever more insistently until I cave at around 6. I guess it's just to do with it being lighter earlier in his room? I need to look into installing some opaque blinds in there. Either that or sleeping with earplugs.

Actually, earplugs is just what I would have needed on Thursday morning. I'd left the window open on Wednesday night, because it was a relatively balmy evening. Anyway, at about 4 AM I start having these weird dreams with screaming babies and screaming children in them, everything screaming really loudly, until I swam out of sleep to realize that the screaming was coming from outside. It was a bird, and I swear it was SHRIEKING! I have never heard anything like it in my life. Either a predator had invaded it's nest, or we've got a group of closet Satan worshipers in my neighborhood and they were out skinning a live chicken or something. Seriously, it was vicious!

On the knitting front, there isn't much to tell, I'm afraid. Progress is slow on my current projects, and I'm just at that stage where I'm starting to get antsy to start something new. Or buy something new. Tee-Hee! No, don't worry, I didn't buy anything, even though I spent a good half hour browsing Webs' online store and nervously chewing off all my fingernails.

No, the one urge I've really got is to start my Socks for Seeley project. I bought some Trekking XXL self-striping at Ariadne when I was there for my spinning class a couple of weeks ago (no, I haven't practiced since then - bad spinner, BAD SPINNER!!!), and I've never worked with a self-striping before (I KNOW!). Now, if you follow Bones at all, the irony of my wanting to begin this particular project at this particular time will not be lost on you (for those who don't - a psycho stalker offered David Boreanaz's character a pair of socks as a gift, and it was wicked creepy!). Yup, just call me Fat Pam (Alison does!).

Happy Knitting everyone! And thanks for all the kind wishes for Maxime's birthday!


Sereknitty said...

Hah! I love 'Bones', too! I hear you on the early a.m. thing ... Our grandbaby, whose mother assured me he was sleeping through the night, has been consistently waking up for a bottle at 3AM, and then I hear all this chatter at around 6:15 AM ... way to early for this gramma!

Knit & Purl Mama said...

I hear you on the waking early. Sean's been getting up at like 6 am every morning now, and last night, he got up 4 times. It was a brutal night last night.

If I had time, I'd knit socks for Sealy too - he's a hottie! Did you see last night's episode?? :)