Saturday, May 31, 2008

Knitter, Know Thyself

There's an abundance of knitting-related tidbits to get to, so I'm just going to jump right to it. First off, a progress report.

I've just about finished the first of my Socks for Seeley. This has been my commute knitting (I decided against knitting the Knit P*nis Chapstick Holder on the train), and it's going really well. So well in fact, that I asked Phil to try it on for size last night, since it turns out that he and David Boreanaz are about the same size.Yeah, I'm thinking that was a mistake. His eyes got all misty, and the first thing he said was "You're NOT giving these away, they're totally awesome!". Who would have thunk that the man of the perennial blue sock would be smitten with these crazy socks? He's really quite miffed that I'm giving them away (Yes, I AM DEAR!!!).

Which brings me to my next tidbit. Today he was spending the day at a MAACA meeting in Ottawa, leaving me alone with the two cherubs. Before he left, he attempted to alleviate his guilt by giving me a couple of twenties. Naturally, when Maxime got up from his nap, I headed to the yarn store. I went to Mouliné, mainly because I knew they were having a sale on Malabrigo Worsted and I wanted some for a friend (I won't say any more on the off chance she's reading this).
Now ain't that just the purdiest darn thing ya ever did see??? OK yeah, I totally blew my budget, but I still got a great deal on the Malabrigo and the sock yarn. And I even bought another ball of Zitron Trekking in the same colour I'm using for the Socks for Seeley.

What else? Oh!!! Have you seen Stéphanie's Lace Ribbon Scarf (scroll down a bit)???? (Go look. I'll wait.) As soon as I saw it yesterday, I was totally smitten. Like: Must. Cast-On. Now. I just happen to have a couple of skeins of Sea Silk, which even though I had originally bought them for the Print 'O The Wave Stole, I didn't think the colour I had was right for that project. But it's absolutely DIVINE for this one!

I actually hesitated a bit before casting on, seeing as I've already got 2 pairs of socks on the needles, and am nearing completion on Émilie's Good Stripe Dress (progress shots next time). "Oh gee, I really should finish something before casting on another project", I thought.

Then I thought: Says Who??? Am I not knitting purely for my own enjoyment? Are the knitting police going to knock down my door and drag me off kicking and screaming into the night, if I cast-on another project? No? I didn't think so.
The colour isn't coming out properly in this photo (despite my dickering around with Photoshop), but trust me: it's like buttah.

Finally, I thought I'd share one final tidbit. Earlier today, Émilie was at the computer, and she was upset about something or other (I can't remember anymore), and she was a bit teary. Without thinking twice, she reaches over to the Handmaiden Lace Silk I've got next to the computer (I had briefly considered it for the Lace Ribbon Scarf), and wipes her face with it.

Could have been worse, I guess. She could have been sitting on the John at the time...

Happy Knitting Everyone!


Mrhide said...

err.. NO!! YOU'RE NOT!

Dad said...

...but I'm bigger then Seeley and I love those socks. Dad

Anonymous said...

Oh dear. I SO wish I'd been able to go shopping with you - it looks like you had SO much fun. Gorgeous haul.
And I love the scarf. Think it's beautiful - don't know how you didn't spend all night knitting it.
Cheers - KTE.

Sam said...

hmmm - I am actually knitting socks myself for a friend.. Casted on on Friday night - 3 cm til short row heel - and knitting two socks at a time. Thank God sometimes for rainy weekend !

birana said...

Un projet de plus.. nan! pas grave! Socks are almost finish. Georgous your scarf my dear.. in a different colourway, but still wonderfull.. and so easy to knit! It's my train project now. By the way are you taking Blainville train?
Have a nice week (hope to see the sun!)

Jessica said...

I'm also sorry that I missed the yarn store excursion. I got your message but I was in Toronto all weekend. Hope to see you soon!

Jennifer Lori said...

Mmmmmm more stash... I wonder what that second ball of Trekking will be for?

Isn't Sea Silk divine to work with? I LOVED it!

Sereknitty said...

Absolutely L-O-V-E the colour of your sea silk yarn ... that scarf is going to be totally fab when it's done!