Sunday, April 26, 2009

How we did

Whew! Well, I told you this weekend was going to be busy, and I was right. As it is the laundry still isn't finished, I've only managed to cook 2 out of 4 meals for the week (Friday is spaghetti night, so no cooking required), the ironing has been ignored... *Sigh*

Saturday was Émilie's skating recital extravaganza, and she did fairly well. She fell about 30 seconds into the program, poor little thing, and as she didn't have her protective pads on under her costume, she was a bit upset. But she managed to suck it up and finish the show, and we were really proud of her!

It was a loooooong day though. She had to be there at 11 AM, even though the show was only at 1 in the afternoon. And despite her part being only about 2 minutes long, the kids had to stay for the entire show, which was over 3 hours long!!! Yeah, long day for Émilie, and long day for Maxime, too! I could have left with him after her part was over, but I really wanted to be there when she was finally able to come down and tell her how proud I was of her, so we stayed.

I don't know if she'll want to take skating lessons again in the Fall, she's a bit sick of the whole thing right now! We'll see, I guess.

After the show we dropped off both kids at my in-laws' house and came back home to get changed, before heading right back out the door again. We had tickets to see a Quebec singer/songwriter we really love, Daniel Boucher, and we wanted to have dinner at a local Vietnamese Phô soup restaurant (Phô Bang New York) before the show.

We love this place, and we don't get to go that often anymore (it's not really kid friendly!), so whenever we have the chance, we always eat there.

Phil always has the Extra Large bowl!

Across the street from the concert venue (Club Soda) was a strip joint, which has probably been there since the '50s. Strip clubs are fairly common in Montreal, especially in that part of town, but I've got to say, I've never seen a marquee quite like this one. Take a look! Doesn't the stripper look a little weird and out of proportion? Not so much with the allure, me thinks...

The show was wonderful (I took pictures, but they all came out blurry), and we had a great time. We came back home and got to sleep in this morning until 8:15!

Unfortunately, that was all the rest I got today, seeing as how yesterday was a complete bust in the DORMA department. I got no laundry done, didn't do any shopping (except to get Maxime his summer sandals), didn't make any food...

I got cracking today, and while I was busy cooking and Maxime was having his nap, Phil decided that it was the right time to get Émilie a hamster and took her to the pet store to pick one out.

I tell ya: I don't know what this poor bastard did in a past life to deserve this fate, but the poor thing just can't get a moment's peace! Émilie is deeply, deeply smitten with this rodent, even suggesting that we can give our dog, J-B, back to Phil's brother, as now she's got another pet she likes better.
We finished up the weekend by having Kate-the-Enabler and family over for dinner and cake, sort of a spur-of-the-moment "It's a Girl!" celebration. Émilie and Maxime were a bit whipped though, and not on their best behaviour, but I think everybody had a good time... Plus the chocolate cake (recipe curtosy of Anne Hanson!) was awesome.

And now here we are! Since the kids have been in bed, I've folded 4 loads of laundry, gotten our Federal income tax returns ready to mail out, and have written this blog post. I'm a dynamo of productivity, people! I'd roar, but honestly, I just don't have the strength left in me.

Happy Knitting Everyone! As you can see, I haven't knit a stitch since Friday. It'll be good to get back to work tomorrow, at least I'll get to knit on the subway on the way in!


Alrischa said...

Hope you get a chance to take a breath and knit a bit of sock or something soon!

Isn't she so cute in her iceskating stuff! We don't really get ice, though there used to be a rink in Bendigo. I can skate well enough not to fall over too much!

That woman looks like she's got a barrel chest from years of lung disease. Lol. Just needs blue lips and a smoke Ü Wierd.

Anonymous said...

...and Mr(s?) Hampster's name is...?

kate-the-enabler said...

The Enabler family were honoured by the invitation, and by the CAKE (mmm. no, really, MMMMMmmmmm.) Thank you for dinner, and for making Sunday afternoon move along just that little bit more nicely. :)

The skating pics are brilliant - way to go Emilie for 'the show must go on' attitude, kudos to her for just getting back into it after her little fall.

(um. How's the hampster this morning?)

May you find much peaceful time to knit this week, it sounds like you really deserve it :).

Mrhide said...

Only Tara would put "Danseuses à Gogo" between pictures of Émilie!

Thanks Dear!

birana said...

It’s looks very good this soup.. my boyfriend is working in the area and really enjoy this food I’ll let him know ;) Thanks. You emilie is so cute in her costume. Was it her 1st show? I did it too lonnng time ago ;) I was so nervous! For 2 minutes.

Knit and Purl Mama said...

Sounds like a great night out!

Ew, rodants. My kids will never be getting rodants. Over my dead body!

Knit and Purl Mama said...

ps- your daughter is adorable on ice. The only on ice my kids will be doing is hockey. Which is why I want a girl. Got a LOT of convincing to do with my husband.