Monday, July 12, 2010

Ask and ye shall receive, eh?

I'm back from my (too) short visit with my Dad and step-mum Margot, and I've got STUFF to share with you! And some of it is knit-related too! I KNOW, right? Actual knitting content on a knitting blog! Weird...

After Dad and Margot picked me up at Toronto's Union Station, we settled in for the leisurely 2-hour drive up to their house (I can't even begin to tell you how much I'm NOT going to miss them living so far away!), and stopped in the lovely little town of Belfountain to do a little shopping and all-important beer purchasing.

I'm really trying to keep an eye on my spending habits (no - REALLY!), but this stuff was just too good to pass up. Besides, they were having a sale!

First up, I picked up this awesome market/knitting bag, 30% off. As soon as I saw it, I pictured it overflowing with yummy yarn and cozy works-in-progress. *Sigh*

I also picked up a couple of novelty ice-cube trays. The first one makes ice shaped like brains (you can sort of see it in the first picture), and this is the second one:

Space Invaders ice cubes!!! How friggin' COOL is that (no pun intended)? My inner geek and spaz just could not resist these beauties.

And finally, just as my purchases were being rung up, I noticed this cute sheep key-chain.

As you can see, not ONLY is it cute and sheep-y, it's also multi-functional! It doubles as a mini (OK, very mini) flashlight AND it Baaaaahs! So I can blind potential muggers while simultaneously disorienting them with farm animal sounds. Sweet!

OK, to knitting. I knew I was nearing the finish-line on both my active WIPs this weekend (which I'll share in a later post), and I was wondering what to cast on for next, especially since I knew I had a nice, long train-ride ahead of me (un-interrupted knitting time during the day!!! Unheard of!!!). I was craving lace, but I didn't have a clear idea what to cast on for: Les Abeilles? Merope? What? I was drifting amongst too many possibilities.

That's when the Knitting Fates intervened and my Summer Year of Lace package arrived. And who am I to argue with Fate?

I didn't touch the Spring package, so I decided to take this package as a sign and wound up the yarn (BMFA Geisha) the night before I left for Toronto, and it's going swimmingly. Not really looking forward to knitting the edging though (664 stitches on the needles!!! Aaaaaaack!), but that's another story!

Happy Knitting Everyone! Hopefully I'll have some FO pictures to share my next post.


Dad said...

......and many thanks to Phil for supporting you in your decision to make use of your tickets for the opportunity to visit with us and the store in Belfountain thanks him too. Dad

Sinéad said...

Brains & space invaders ice cubes! The coolness! I'd love something like those. The nearest I have is Mickey Mouse...
And the sheep. I want one of those. No, I NEED one. Yeah.

I love the colour of your lace. Should be yum once finished!

Laurie said...

My gosh, that bag is just amazing! I'd love to have one like it.

Brain freeze ice cubes? Too cool!

Glad you had a fun visit.

Alrischa said...

What sort of parties do you serve drinks with brains? I'm just pondering... what is the best drink to add brain"cubes" to? hehehe.

Mrhide said...

easy! zombies!

birana said...

Love the bag! And space invaders too! I bought BF those in guitars shape... there's no yarn balls in this collection? and sheep is very cute! an lace gorgeous!!!