Thursday, July 1, 2010


Since apparently I can't be bothered to blog about knitting (insert sheepish grin here), how 'bout we talk about traveling?

Greetings from sunny, beautiful (and friggin' HOT) Mexico!!! Phil and I are in Cabo San Lucas for a kite festival, and while he's been flying kites, I've been focusing on getting some sun whilst looking fabulous, sipping the occasional margarita.... and EATING!

We arrived here on Tuesday afternoon, and have been having a lovely time with Phil's kiting friends. The weather is magnificent, the ocean is lovely if somewhat foreboding (can you say strong undertow???) and the food is wonderful. Ahh..... all-inclusive resorts, where have you been all my life?

We fly back to reality tomorrow. See you soon!


kate-the-enabler said...

I KNOW about the all inclusive. Once you're spoiled for life.....
(and I didn't fail to notice the EATING ref. Can't wait to hear all about it.)
Safe travels home. Know that your house is in perfectly good shape, and waiting to welcome you.

Sinéad said...

*sigh* How fabulous does that beach look? And you're looking fantastic too, I might add!
Sounds like a lovely break. Hope you enjoyed every minute. :)

Jennifer said...

Check you out, sexy thang. Man, I am so picky about just the head shots that make it into the blog, I can't imagine how much I'd scrutinize a full body bikini shot!
ps I'm buying you a N and a T. That will turn Phil's kiting friends into Phil's kNitTing friends. :D