Thursday, March 24, 2011


This time of year is all about fortitude and endurance. March 21st, that shining beacon of hope that I've held onto through the dark, cold winter, has come and gone, and while it may "officially" be Spring, what we're getting is really just Winter wearing a different outfit. A shitty one at that. The crisp, fluffy dresses of December are long gone, but Mother nature has yet to don her youthful green attire, opting instead for the sleezy grey of some middle-aged floozy.

Proper attention must be paid to finding suitable knitting projects during this special time when my morale and Vitamin D count are at their annual low. I know the Yarn Harlot refuses to knit anything grey in March, and that's a sound rule indeed. Grey in March would just be a one-way ticket to happy-pill town.

I'd up the ante on her rule though, and boldly state that knitting with any neutral, dark colours in March is flirting with disaster. What makes me think so? My current WIPs, that's what.

Brown Socks (the emergency skein arrived on Tuesday). Very pretty brown socks, but still... they're brown. I'm really, really looking forward to wrapping this project up. I'm dreaming of casting on a pair of wildly colourful variegated socks. Clown-vomit? Yes PLEASE.

Only trouble is that I've got to get this sucker off the needles first:

That'd be the accompanying scarf for the Wild Apples Bohus Hat (did I mention I finished it? Yup. I totally did. I've just got, oh... about eleventy billion ends to weave in. Joy.) It's knit in broken rib (1x1 rib, alternating every 4 rows).

I'm knitting a khaki-green broken rib scarf. In March.

Did I mention it's knit on 2.0 mm needles?

Yeah. I'm knitting a scarf with 2.0 mm needles in a poopy-green broken rib. In March. Possibly forever.

Thank heavens for colourful fabric.

Happy Knitting, Everyone!


sapphireblue said...

Wow! That's small!

Sinéad said...

Clown vomit socks. I want a pair so bad! Can't wait to see the finished Bohus FO! Although that scarf must be a killer. I admire your fortitude :)

Laurie said...

Oh yeah...and while we're talking about that project polygamy...a variety of colors is a must, too! LOL!

Alrischa said...

Go get out your rainbow yarn for goodness sake, and throw all the rest into the WIP pile. It's March!

dawn said...

I'm definitely thinking clown barf socks will save your sanity! Although, how cozy are those brown mcn socks going to be!

Dad said...

Spring is nicer in California....say at Sea Worl in San Diego or at...Disneyland in Anaheim or at the Redondo Beach resort in, wait for it....Redondo Beach California....Love You Dad.

Knit and Purl Mama said...

Oh, I had forgotten to ask you if the yarn had arrived when I saw you on Friday. Glad it did! Can't wait to see those brown socks finished. Good luck with that green scarf... 2.0mm is way too tiny for my liking! I try to avoid that needle size.

Yeah, you need to add some color into your life. It's spring & you're knitting with dull winter colors. Finish up quick! Add some color!