Tuesday, May 10, 2011


In the last fortnight I seem to have given birth to a sneaky FO. This is rather unbelievable to me, mostly because I really wasn't trying to get all stealthy on y'all. I always intended to talk about the fervid relationship I was having with Chadwick, my current WIP. Other blogable stuff seemed to (happily) get in the way, and before I knew it, my time with Stephen West's lovely pattern was at an end.

Tell you the truth, the whole thing was rather serendipitous. I was still high on the success of my finished Cleopatra's stockings and was ignoring the green scarf thinking forward to my next project, and these 2 skeins of String Theory Caper Sock (Java and Lacuna) sort of jumped out at me and begged to be used together in one project.

The colour combo is sophisticated and modern (well, to me it is anyway), which always makes me think of Stephen West, even though I'd yet to knit any of his patterns. I've had Daybreak in my Rav queue forever, but for some reason, I felt pretty sure that this yarn wanted to be knit up into a Chadwick.

Now - I'm a fairly quick knitter, but this project just flew right off my needles. The yarn was fabulous, as always - you'd think I'd have developed some kind of an immunity by now, but nope! I'm still helpless every time I come into contact with this stuff. The pattern was simple yet interesting - those clever purl ridges thrown into the mix had me positively giddy. And do let's not underestimate the powerful mojo of the stripe - Ooh! It's blue! Now it's brown! Now it's blue again! - which still entertains me to no end.

In short, there's nothing I didn't like about this project, and I highly recommend it.

Happy Knitting, Everyone!

Official photoshoot to come soonish. All attempts made yesterday were either out of focus, underexposed, or had me looking like a bloated sausage. Trust me: Chadwick deserves better than that!


Knit and Purl Mama said...

Oh wow, that's gorgeous. The color combo, the pattern. Everything about it.

~RaenWa~ said...

Stephen West has some of the best patterns. Your Chadwick cam out great I like the mix of colors.

cauchy09 said...

ooooh! i wanna see it! now!


margaux said...

oh i am so having a bad photo day too! So I understand your dilemma. Can't wait to see it on you though!! :-)

Sinéad said...

So pretty. The shade of blue is electric, absolutely yum. I'm not familiar with the designer, I must check his patterns out on Rav.

dawn said...

I just can't get over my love of the combination of blue and brown! Can't wait to see the "official" finished object photos!