Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Less is more

I have very ambivalent feelings about New Years'. Reflecting on the year coming to an end, reading the seeming gazillion reviews that pepper the blogosphere in the first days of January, I find it all very inspiring. It's like I get infected with enthusiasm or something, and suddenly, because it's January first, everything seems possible. For whatever reason, I'm delusional confident and secure that all goals are achievable, even those goals that I've had for years and have never been able to get my sh*t together enough to accomplish.

'Cause, you know, it's the New Year. Fresh start. Clean Slate.

So I make lists. Lists of the accomplishments of the past year (Ran a half-marathon! Learned to sew! Changed jobs! 20 FOs! Processed over 150 pounds of tomatoes!). Lists of goals for the coming year, things I need to do to make this year the year.

The list for the coming year usually looks something like this:
  1. Exercise more.
  2. Knit more.
  3. Sew more.
  4. Read more.
  5. Save some any more money.
  6. Blog more consistently.
  7. Spend more time with my family.
  8. Spend more time with my friends.
  9. Spend more time with myself.
  10. Build a bigger garden.
  11. ...
Yeah. Realistic, right?

This would be when I freak out and my feelings about the New Year become somewhat less than enthusiastic because, honestly, how can anyone be successful with that kind of list? Seems to me we're all pretty busy, wouldn't you say? Just how much more can we reasonably accomplish, anyway? Too much pressure. Too many expectations. Too much more.

So I'm not doing it this year! Instead, I'm going to take it one day at a time, and try to do/make/be something positive, every day. How I accomplish that on a daily basis will depend on my mood. For instance, today I attended a yoga class, and wrote a blog post.

Less is totally more :)

Happy Knitting, Everyone!


Wooly Knits n Bits said...

You're so right...we want to do more all the time. I love your ''Less is more''.

sapphireblue said...

Those are very realistic goals. Good job!

Maryse said...

No resolutions for me either! I try to do my best everyday! That's already enough ;-) Happy New Year!

Alrischa said...

My only resolution is to increase my yarn stash. (Destashing is no fun)

Have a *fun* year!

Dad said...

Seems to have addressed 1,5,7, and 9 in one fell "stretching-dork- flies-over-sandy-beach" position. Love to you!

Sinéad said...

I couldn't agree more. Sometimes I think we're our own worst enemies, we put so much pressure on ourselves to be better, do more, make this year special. Where's the fun in that pressure?

Knit and Purl Mama said...

I agree! Less is more! What a good mantra!

Hope you are successful in 2012 with that!

Jennifer said...

Great idea! This is the first year I don't recall making any resolutions either- just want to be the best mom I can be, fill my time with fun activities and friends, and let the rest work itself out. Happy New Year!