Thursday, August 16, 2007

Averted disaster

Naturally, I had to refer to my GoKnit pouch in my last post for the darn thing to up and break on me that very same day. Aaaargh!

As you can see, the cord ripped right out of it's seam, and much to my dismay, I couldn't get it to fit back into the little hole. How did it break, you may be wondering? Well, as anyone who has read about the GoKnit pouch knows, the whole point of the thing is to knit on the go (Go. Knit. Get it?). Anyhoo, I think that having to frantically rip it off my belt every single time we're in the car for more than twenty minutes because my three-year-old daughter has to pee probably didn't help it much. But no worries! It was Wonder-Husband to the rescue!

That's right, my husband can SEW! Who else can brag about that to friends and relatives? It's actually a new-found skill. He got into flying kites a few months ago, and rather than pay a gagillion dollars for kites, he decided to make his own. You can view some of his oeuvres here.

I think he did a pretty good job (much better than I could have done, anyway). Let's hear it for Philippe! Yay!

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Mrhide said...

Got to comment on that !
The go-knit pouch is actually made of ripstop nylon, the PERFECT kite fabric! I would have made one from scratch if I had known ... or if I had been asked! ...perhaps I could make one in a different color to match different outfits ?! :) taking orders now !