Wednesday, June 4, 2008


I'm home today. Émilie developed an ear infection on Monday evening, and spent much of Monday night crying and shrieking in pain. She had a fever all day yesterday, but luckily Dr. Grandpa (Phil's dad is a doctor) was there in a flash and got us set up with some antibiotics. I kept her home today, but she's feeling much better, practically no pain and no fever (that I can discern by hand, anyway).

This won't be a long post (I'm a bit tired, so I may grab a quick nap myself), but I wanted to post a few progress pictures. First up: Émilie's Good Stripe Dress.

I've almost completed the collar, so I'm just waiting on my emergency CotLin to arrive and I'll have another finished object. Émilie is really looking forward to this one (so am I!).

There's also lots going on in the garden. I planted snapdragon seedlings last year, and to my profound surprise, a few actually lived. It seems they all had babies, because there are lots more this year! And the ones I planted last year are huge! I don't mind. I love snapdragons, and they're the multicoloured variety, so it'll make a for a nice background in that bed.

And in veggie patch news, I've got cucumber and lettuce sprouts, but my carrots still aren't showing up anywhere. Actually, there's some growth where I planted my seeds, but I don't know enough about gardening to swear they aren't just weeds! We'll see, I guess.

OK, I'm off to knit a bit and catch a few Zzzzzz's. Happy Knitting Everyone!


Sereknitty said...

I hate to break it to you, but that ain't no snapdragon photo ... it's a lupine! The flowers do look very similar, though!

I'm loving the looked of the striped dress ... the colours are so vibrant! Emilie is going to love wearing it. Sorry to hear about her sore ears ... hope the antibiotic have resolved it.

Jessica said...

I still remember how painful my ear infection was! The good stripe dress looks fab. I'm planting things too! Although today I decided that my tomato seeds would never be ready on time so I just bought two plants at the market. AND I finished BOTH seasons of the X-files DVDs. Now what am I supposed to do?

Mrhide said...

you're supposed to visit again ;)

Anonymous said...

Since sereknitty has already broken it to you that the snapdragons are lupines - I'll add the good/bad news. They're extremely hardy. Good news...they're going to continue to do really really well. Bad news...they may try to spread.
I think they're gorgeous. I want to guerrila-seed the creek area behind us with lupines - because they give such a beautiful show.

Looking forward to the next good stripe pic - maybe modelled by the recipient? :)

Better tell us when Jessica visits so that we can keep Aidan in our backyard...I think he's in love