Wednesday, January 7, 2009


Wow, did life chez Dearknits every do a 180 over the past 2 days... First up, I'M GOING TO PARIS!!!!! Yeehaw!!! My sweet Dad and stepmother Margot graciously offered to step in and save the day, and no sooner could I say "non-refundable ticket", said tickets were booked, bought and electronically delivered. I'm psyched, I'm excited, I'm slightly nervous about being so spontaneous (we leave January 17th). But that was one of my resolutions for 2009, right? Go with it! Live high, Live mighty (I got the latest Jason Mraz CD for Christmas, which is awesome by the way, definitely check it out).

I was also thrilled to score tickets to a favourite local artist of ours, Daniel Boucher, who recently came out with a brilliant new CD in November. We'll be seeing him at Club Soda in April with some friends (we may have been pimping him a bit...) and we're calling this a "Happy No-Smoking Anniversary" present (we both quit smoking 8 years ago this January).

And the knitting is going well, too! For instance, I finished my dad's hat last night (how fortuitous!).
It's a bit, um, snugger that I would have liked, but on the bright side, the lack of circulation means he won't feel the cold, right? Just kidding, it's not THAT bad. It fits Phil fine, so I'm not worried. Much. No really, I'm sure it'll be fine. Right?

Since I finished that project, and I can't work on my Noro scarf until the new yarn arrives (I'm going to alternate lot numbers in case it looks a little funky), and I don't want to start a new sock before I finish the second (technically third) Miscellaneous Man-Sock, take 2 (the yarn has also been ordered), I cast on the the Sweater for Purse Size Tissue Packet last night. It'll take no time at all (and I'll have plenty of yellow left over for your blankie project, Robyn) be a fun little something to add to my grandmother's socks when I finally get off my arse and mail them already (insert sheepish grin here).

And I'm pleased to announce that this morning, I actually sat down and doodled a couple of sketches for MY OWN DESIGNS. Crazy, right? One for a hat (sort of a play on the Turn a Square Hat, actually) and one for a scarf and/or hat, depending on whether I can get my brain around the crown decreases (it involves cabling - shudder). I really need to get my hands on some stitch dictionaries, though... I might cast on for the first idea over the next few days, I've got to take a look at the stash first.

Happy Knitting Everyone!


Maggie said...

That Marsan pattern was the first hat I knit years ago! I also knit a 1x1 twisted rib scarf to go with it, and I still use them all the time. The scarf turned out really narrow so I double it up and thread the open ends through the loop instead of wrapping it around my neck.

The hat is snug, twisted rib will do that! Have you blocked it yet? You try to stretch it out a bit if you think it's too tight.

Congratulations on Paris! Can't wait to see your photos. :D

Maggie said...

That was supposed to read, "You COULD try to stretch it out...." Oops!

Sereknitty said...

Yeah, Paris! I'm so glad you're able to go.

I'm in a creative flow, at the moment, too, and I say 'just go with it'! You never know what you might come up with.

8 years of 'no smoking' is definitely worth celebrating!

Sinéad said...

I love the decreases at the top of the hat, they look great. What are you going to knit on the plane?

Alrischa said...

8 years of non-smoking deserves a reward like Paris! Woo hoo!

Caroline said...

Yay again for Paris!

I have to admit that I never understood Daniel Boucher's appeal! ;)

kate-the-enabler said...

Well now. That entire post just gladdens my little enabling heart. I am so happy to hear that Paris is ON. Please count us in as support staff for your Dad and Margot.

Big Girl Feet said...

I love that hat- how cool!!
And yay for Paris- I am jealous!!

Mrhide said...


birana said...

oh! your own design.. I can't wait to see that. I love surprises. For the hat i'm sure it will be right! I love the color. And you're also gonna make the noro scarf.. tempting this scarf ;)

AliP said...

OH MY GODS!! Paris was so beautiful (what I saw of it which was the Arc and the Champs) but baby she be expensive. Be warned. I am so excited for you and Phil!!!
And I think you will do great at coming up with your own designs...I doodle too. Knit Picks has their 40% off book sale on and the Harmony Guides would make a great start on the dictionaries...hee hee Kate is not the only enabler...HAHAHAHA.
You two better be coming out next Wednesday!!!!
Birana: I have a Noro scarf and its to die for....soooooo snuggly and warm and stylish. I'll show you tonight at Effiloche!
Oh Tara I am so happy for you! We are having a "go for it!!?" or "BE RESPONSIBLE" issue right now...February school break would be so much nicer from the Bahamas non?

Knit and Purl Mama said...

You will have a fabulous time in Paris. I've been once. It rained. LOL.

What knitting you bringing with?? LOL.

I'm no where near packed and I'm leaving Tuesday morning!