Friday, January 9, 2009


Today was a really good mail day. I received 2 orders I've been waiting on for a week, one from Pick up Sticks for a bunch of Noro Silk Garden and one from Wool-Tyme for the Regia I've been waiting on to cast on the third Miscellaneous Man-Sock, take 2.

Unfortunately, I can't show you any of it, because Phil is out kiting under the full moon tonight, and he took the camera with him. So just pretend you're looking at lots of yummy yarn, m'kay?

How was everyone's week? Are y'all glad it's Friday? I am, but I'll be even happier NEXT Friday, right? We're leaving for Paris a week from Saturday, and I'm very excited. Of course, I'm already thinking of what knitting I want to bring with me, but I think I'll save that for another post.

I had my appointment at the optometrist this morning. He's a wonderful gentleman I've been going to for years, and as I see him every 2 years (this time it was more like 3), we always take some time at the beginning of each visit to shoot the breeze and catch up. This one was a doozie, as you can well imagine, since the last time I saw him I only had one child and I was still working to complete my Masters' degree! Anyway, we were talking about everything I've got going on, and he stops and looks at me and says: "You know, the life of a modern woman is really... (pauses) Not. Enviable."

He said it with complete sincerity and it just struck me as funny for some reason, and I burst out laughing. At the time I agreed with him (and I still do, in a way), but right now, at this moment, with the kids in bed, a glass of wine, and my knitting awaiting me, it doesn't seem so terrible, does it?

Anyway, I needed a new prescription, and I decided to order new frames as well. I've had my current glasses since 2002, and I'm due for a change. I've been working very hard at improving my physical and mental wellbeing, and at trying to be more attractive, both for my benefit and for that of the people around me, and new glasses just seemed like the thing to do (rationalize much, Tara?). I should get them next week, right before we go, and I really can't wait to show you. I think they're awesome, and very fashionable, and bold and just, well, "fit for a young executive" (my doctor's words, not mine).

All right people, I'm off to work on my scarf and watch a few episodes of Bones.

Happy Knitting Everyone!


Alrischa said...

So lucky. Sigh. Paris next week! I hope it's as nice as it sounds, and that they have some very nice French Yarn that you've never seen before. lol. Make sure you take a big whack of Yarn Space in your suitcase!

Maggie said...

I recently got some new trendy glasses, too. I love them! Bold black frames. It took me 3 weeks to get used to them on my face, I thought I was going to have to take them back at one point. Going from wearing wire frames with nosepads to clunky plastic ones was such an adjustment! I'm fine now, but first my eyes ached from the new script, then my ears ached from the thicker arms, and they sit on a different place on the bridge of my nose which very nearly drove me bonkers. But it was worth it...I love them! I look awesome.

Sandra said...

Too bad we won't be able to see these glasses before you leave....

Big Girl Feet said...

Yay for Paris!!! I am soooo jealous!! And yes! I hope you find loads of yummy french yarn to bring back and make us even more jealous- oui oui!!

Knit and Purl Mama said...

I was going to tell you to go see Jenn to get new glasses, but she's not working anymore, but on Maternity leave again! But I'm sure her dad will help you out (my uncle!) Unless you ordered new ones already.

I need to go see him, Jamie is begging me to find him a new pair of frames. (He's useless in that department- lol)

birana said...

yes. yes I had a very nice WE!So you had a a nice WE too, full of snow ; ) Nice yarn fasse fassett are fabulous colors! And Noro.. always nice… So are you casting on stripe scarf too?