Sunday, January 11, 2009


As you all know, one of my resolutions for 2009 is to be more of a Yes person, to be more positive, more spontaneous. As far as knitting goes, I think I'm on the right track :)

Regia Kaffe Fassett Design Line, Landscape Fire colourway (I heart this colour!)

Regia Kaffe Fassett Design Line, Landscape Twilight colourway
(come on, with a name like that, how could I resist???)

Noro Silk Garden, colourway 241
(I'm thinking of pairing this up with my colour 8 for a Striped scarf)

Noro Silk Garden Lite, colourway 2011
(because I love thursdaynext's Noro Joe hat so much, I want to make one exactly like it)

Oh, and because I know you've all been dying to see it, my grandmother's Sweater for a purse-size tissue packet. I'm happy to report that the socks and the sweater were mailed today.

I've mostly been working on my Multidirectional Diagonal scarf, it's about half done. I'm going to cast on the third Miscellaneous Man-Sock, take 2 tonight, and I hope to have it done by the time my parents get here this Friday.

What did you all do this weekend?

Happy Knitting Everyone! :)


Alrischa said...

Oh, I haven't seen that much snow for so long!!

Love all the yarn, but especially Twilight. hehe.

Sinéad said...

How did y'all get into and out of that snow hole? I've never seen that much snow. Crazy.
Loving the Kaffe Fasset Regia, the colours are gorgeous. And the Silk Garden lite too. I've only ever used Noro sock before. 5 days and counting to Paris!

Sam said...

Ah... Regia Landscape Fire.
I have done the same - with short rows heels no less (and top down) LOOOOve them !

AliP said...

Hey! I'm making a Multidirectional Diagonal Scarf too!!!! (is this when we grab hands and jump up and down squealing?) I am using Brooks Farm Trio from Rhinebeck in luverly shades of chartreuse and periwinkle etc. Softness....purrrrr

Knit and Purl Mama said...

That snow hole looks like fun! I can't wait til my boys are old enough to dig tunnels!

I love the Regia Landscape Fire, gotta cast me on some of those too.

Have you seen the movie Yes Man, it's with Jim Carrey!

Mrhide said...

YES we've seen "YES man".
t'was pretty good! ( and YES, we dug a tunnel in there soon after that picture :) ...and now the city's snowblower took it all away! :( Emilie was sad but we'll make another one next snowstorm! unless it's while we're in Paris! YES!)


Sereknitty said...

Your yarn haul is looking quite fabulous! I'd be tempted to set it up gallery style and just sit and look at it!