Thursday, June 25, 2009


Yesterday was a national holiday here in Quebec, and I had a rare moment in the afternoon when a block of time stretched out before me and I had nothing that needed to be attended to. One child was sleeping and the other was out fishing with her dad, and it was just beautiful outside. It was the perfect time to grab a beer and cast on for something new!

I mentioned a few posts back that I joined the Ishbel KAL that my friend Robyn is hosting on Ravelry. I wasn't entirely sure which yarn to use, but when the opportunity presented itself to just sit back and knit yesterday afternoon, I didn't dawdle. I went through the stash and found 3 skeins of Knit Picks Shimmer in the Maple Leaf colorway that I bought... oh... a while ago. How long ago? Well, the first skein was wound by hand, so this has been marinating in the stash for at least 2 years.Normally I wouldn't go with a handpainted yarn for lace (I was such a newbie when I bought this!), but since Ishbel is actually pretty simple, with a fair whack of stockinette, I think this will actually work out quite well.

I've decided to knit the large version. As of tonight, I'm almost done with the stockinette section, and I hope to move onto the vine border within a few days. Oops, better make that next week. I've got concerts coming up on Friday, Saturday (my birthday!) and Sunday. There won't be much knitting 'round these here parts!

Happy Knitting Everyone!


kate-the-enabler said...

Looks lovely. Can't wait (but will wait) to see the border begun.
Break a leg (?) on the concerts...looking forward to our concurrent crazy weeks being done..
(this blog comment brought to you courtesy of the security word 'sting'.)

Knit and Purl Mama said...

Good luck at your concerts!

Your Ishbel is coming out great! It can be a frustrating pattern. But I just finished my stockinette portion. So now to tackle the lace. FUN!

Big Girl Feet said...

Nice!!! I just joined too!! :)))

Alrischa said...

I almost did one in reds. I think the multicolor will look fine, since it's a fairly simple-looking pattern.

Anonymous said...

Looking great! I hope your concerts go excellently, and in case I'm a spaz who doesn't get online next weekend, happy early birthday!