Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Canada Day

Apologies to all of you who come here for the usually abundant eye candy (Hah!). I'm going out tonight, seeing Kool and the Gang with my mother as part of the Jazz Festival, so I'm writing this post on my lunch break.

That's right, I'm working on Canada Day. *Sigh* My daycare lady decided to take Friday off for the holiday, and she pretty much calls the shots as far as vacation time goes around here. But there are a couple of upsides to this deal. First, traffic was a BREEZE this morning. Seriously, why can't every morning be this way? Second, I'm sitting in my office wearing shorts and flipflops and listening to really loud and obnoxious music, something that would really freak my boss out (but guess what? she's not here!!!). And third, as Phil usually has to take his day to coincide with the Fourth of July (his company has many American customers), we'll be spending the day together on Friday.

Yup, lots of upsides. But there's also a downside: sitting here with uninterrupted computer time, I'm finding it really, really difficult to not shop online. For yarn. *Sigh* I found a new site (thanks, Stéphanie!) that's got some absolutely drool-worthy worsted weight yarn that would be awesomeness incarnate as a cardigan for yours truly (have y'all noticed I'm really itching to knit a cardigan for myself?). Luscious yarn, good prices, and free shipping!!! Gaaaah!!!

A few of you have inquired about the sicks sitch. Sadly, I'm still sick. My voice is still AWOL, and I'm feeling a little run down, so much so that I skipped my run last night. By the time the kids were in bed it was beginning to rain, and while I would normally have scoffed at rain (with a toss of my hair and a resounding Hahahaha!!!), I figured it might not be the wisest thing in my current condition.

However, I felt so horribly guilty about skipping the run that I headed out at 6:15 this morning! The weather was nice and cool, the sun was shining... and people were out and about, showered and dressed and everything! Weird...

Happy Knitting Everyone!


Caroline said...

I had to work today too. No holidays for the newspeople (I had to work on Christmas day too).

Sinéad said...

Sorry you had to work yesterday, but it'll be nice to have a long weekend all together. I hope you feel better! And that Madeline Tosh Cherry is yum!

Alrischa said...

I didn't have to work, but then again, we don't get Canada Day here for some reason... pity.

I had a quick look at the yarn site... and quickly x'ed out again. Bad Enabler! I'm trying to save up!


Knit and Purl Mama said...

Can't wait to see what you spoil yourself with - with your birthday money!

Those are some nice perks to working on Canada Day. Do you at least get paid time and a half? Or no?