Tuesday, July 14, 2009

There goes the wagon

I've mentioned a few time how all I seem to want to knit lately is cardigans and sweaters. Socks and lace are all well and good, but I'm really craving the deep satisfaction from knitting a sturdy garment. Now normally this would be sheer folly in the middle of July. But since Mother Nature is apparently completely off her bird (it was a balmy 18 degrees here today), I guess it's understandable.

As I've also mentioned a few times, I have very little in terms of sweater yarn in the stash. At least, none that is suitable for the kinds of cardigans I want to knit Right Now. Quite the conundrum when you're on a (self-imposed) yarn diet.

Yeah well... about that? I had a wee bit of a slip up. Ahem.

It started innocently enough. I was going through my queue a while back, adding tags so I could find patterns (cardigans) I wanted to knit easier, and I came across Jared Flood's Hemlock Ring Blanket pattern.

I love this pattern. And it seemed to COMPLETELY fit my cravings. I mean? Lace AND a comfort item? AT THE SAME TIME? I was so there. And a little later on, I just happened to be browsing Red Bird Knits' site (Googling "Cascade + Ecological Wool + sale") where, would you know it?, they just happened to be having a sale on Ecological Wool! I KNOW, right?

So yeah, 2 hanks of Ecological Wool, in the Greyed Taupe colorway, destined to become a Hemlock Blanket.

Then! Then Robyn sent me ANOTHER pattern for my birthday. She had read that I was in lust, I mean LOVE, with Connie Chang Chinchio's Broderie, and bought me the pattern. What was I supposed to do??? It was entrapment, I tell you!

I was forced to purchase 11 balls of RYC Bamboo Soft in the Jewel colourway (the new Kim Hargreaves colours). FORCED I tell you.

Yup. That's my story, and I'm sticking with it.

Happy Knitting Everyone!


Sinéad said...

Stash enhancement is never our fault. Anyway, it's practically already knit, especially when you have a specific project (or two) in mind for it.
No guilts please.
Plus, I'd love to knit that Hemlock Blanket too, so I can lurk here and see how yours turns out first. heh.

kate-the-enabler said...

Love the new yarn. Really nice choices.
You know, it's been a really loooong diet for you, don't you think? Since, what, Rhinebeck? It's probably healthy to indulge a little after such a long time.

Mrhide said...

you girls are not helping!

Sam said...

You temptress - went, looked, bought !!! Had that pattern in my queue !!

Knit and Purl Mama said...

You so deserve new yarn.

And I didn't do any enabling. Nope. Sorry. You're on your own for that one. Getting you the pattern has nothing to do with you buying the yarn to make it! LOL


Ali P said...

Phil, you should know we are never here to help YOU....LOL

Tara you are a fairly prolific knitter and I think you have been very good in the last 6 months. Congrats on your new "babies"...(sweet little bundles of YARN)

Sereknitty said...

All very lovely ... and necessary, I'm sure! Not that I'm trying to bust you, or anything, but it seems to me I recall a recent facebook entry that indicated a further purchase on its way???

The Hemlock Blanket is on my list as well ... I just need to find some wool yarn that will be sturdy, yet not give me the 'itchy-sneezies'.

Anonymous said...

I also wanted to knit the Hemlock Blanket! Cushy warm lace...new knitting excuse...

*snap* No- focus. I have other stuff in the works.

Pretty soon we'll have to call you Tara-the-enabler!

p.s. the teal for Broderie is GORGEOUS.