Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Before I was a knitter with a capital KNIT, I was just someone who dabbled. I would buy the yarn for one project at a time, I never paid any mind to things like "gauge" or fiber content, and most of my finished objects were, let's face it, pretty crappy. But I didn't really care. I could pick the needles up one day, put them down after a few hours, and hot touch them again for months on end.

Back then I would also indulge in the occasional crochet project. Mostly I would crochet doilies or table runners, although I did spend about 2 years crocheting a 12-foot tablecloth, but that's a tale for another time.

Anyway, when I was going through my stash last week, I came across something I had tucked away over three years ago.

I think the last time I worked on this I was just pregnant with Maxime. So "just pregnant", in fact, that I didn't officially know I WAS pregnant. I remember working on it in a waiting room at the hospital one afternoon in August, and then I just... put it away.

As I was wondering what to do with this project, whether to frog it or just tuck it back in its hiding place, I remembered that I bought a great book with some lovely crochet patterns in Japan 2 years ago.

So there might be some crochet in my future! Maybe even make this a Ravelympics project? What do you think?

Happy Knitting (and crocheting!) Everyone!


Caroline said...

I thought you had disappeared from the blogosphere but it turns out my Bloglines reader was hiding your blog posts and decided to finally show me the last five today! It's too late to comment on everything so I'll say 1)That crocheted thing looks beautiful 2) I love the legwarmers 3) Your stash post gave me stash envy.

LavenderStarfish said...

That pattern book looks really cool! I would crochet out of it. But is it easy to read the patterns?

Sinéad said...

I was just about to say the exact same thing as Caroline, I thought you were taking a blog break, but it turns out it was Bloglines. 5 posts on my feed from you today. So sorry, I wasn't ignoring you.
I love your crochet, I am full of envy. I have tried and failed to do it, never mind with such thin crochet thread! I will watch your progress with curiosity and see if I can learn anything along the way.
BTW, Émilie's legwarmers are brilliant, she looks great on the ice with them!

Dad said...

...and then there is the male's (albeit father's) perspective, to wit: "when are you going to see if you are once again preggers?" much love Dad

Big Girl Feet said...

Very nice!! I just crocheted again for the first time in ages too- it's so fun!!! Can't wait to see what happens with this piece...!

Monika said...

That's such a pretty title page! Almost makes me want to crochet doilies!

Ali P said...

I am crochet impaired so I slightly envy your mad dual craftational skillz.
Can't wait to see what comes of this.

Anonymous said...

Your dad's funny. :)

Knit and Purl Mama said...

Love your dad's comment...!

I also like Caroline got a TON of posts from you today in my bloglines, out of no where... but I was in FL so I wasn't able to do much blog reading at all while away, so I'm glad that bloglines saved them for me for today.

Sereknitty said...

I say, 'shake it up a bit' and do some crocheting for awhile ... we knitters are a multi-talented bunch, not exclusive to only knitting.

Sam said...

Hey.. bella - where did you get your cotton for your crochet?
I believe that is what I will be doing during my vacations in Mexico instead of wool and would need some inspiration. Thanks.