Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Lessons Learned

Well, I see from the comments I received on my last post that most of us prefer to live in denial when it comes to the actual size of our stash. I agree, I prefer it when it's more.... manageable. But nonetheless, I find it comforting to know that it's right there, waiting for me.

And if it turns out that I have accumulated more yarn then I can ever hope to knit up in one lifetime? Well, I am hard at work at creating a new generation of knitter.

Over the Holiday break, Émilie decided she wanted to learn to knit. Again. She had wanted me to teach her a few months back, but mostly she wanted to just play with the yarn and the needles. She didn't really want to knit anything.

But this time she did. She paid close attention to what I was doing when I showed her the knit stitch, and pretty soon she was grabbing the needles and telling "je peux le faire, Maman". She had grand ideas and visions of the glorious red scarf she was going to make. It was going to be wonderful! A great, beautiful journey had begun.


Since then she's picked up the needles maybe twice, and has knit a total of 3 rows, 2 of which she asked me to finish for her because it was "too hard".

So much for that idea! Well, there's always Maxime, right?

Happy Knitting Everyone!


LavenderStarfish said...

I know what you mean about the Yarn stash. I also have to much and already sorted out the yarn were I knew I wouldn´t work with and gave it to a local craft store where kids can do craft classes. But I still have enough and so I keep knitting until everything is knitted.

And I think it´s great that you teach your daughter to knit. The picture looks like the picture of you and your grandmother. Tradition continues. ;-)

Sereknitty said...

I've been thinking about donating some of my stuff to the hospital guild, so they can make hats, etc. for either the charity shop, or to give to new babies ... there's only so much room in my little house!

Wow, that photo of you and Emilie is like a flashback -- keep showing her, every time she asks and one day, she'll be hooked too!

Big Girl Feet said...

Great stash I must say!!! And aww Emilie- one day she'll be knitting along with you!!

Ali P said...

Don't give up on Emilie and for christ's sake don't have her knit a SCARF! If she knits you a coaster (small...squarish... FAST) she may be more inclined to not give up.
Also, dude...she's what 6? Just keep making it available. OR get her a spool knitter to encourage the yarn love at a more fun pace. there is a Scholastic or Kids Can Press book on spool knitting and things to do with the I-cord.

Anonymous said...

About 4 years ago Yannick's nephew, who was 8 or so, saw me knitting. "C'est quoi ca?" I told him I was knitting. "Tricot? COOL! Can you teach me?" I was so thrilled that he wanted to learn (a boy!) but after ten min he lost interest 'cus it wasn't as quick gratification as his video games.

Good luck passing it on to the kiddies!

p.s. my word verification is "redheat" Nice!

Knit and Purl Mama said...

Don't give up on Emilie just yet...! There's still time for her to want to go on with knitting!