Sunday, August 29, 2010

Beat it

This weekend has been an epic one on the DORMA scale. Phil and his Dad put in hardwood floors in our bedroom, and today I put on the first of 2 coats of fresh paint. I picked up 2 new floor lamps at Ikea on Saturday, and I don't think it's an exaggeration to say that our room is already looking 100% better than it did. And we don't even have the new furniture in yet!

I also finished my summer Year of Lace project, which I should be blocking right now but I just can't summon the will to get off this couch.

There will be pictures and details and fun, witty comments. Just not right now. Right now I want to sit on my couch, watch Nature with my husband while enjoying a nice glass of red, and pet my cat.

Happy Knitting Everyone.



Knit and Purl Mama said...

Nothing wrong with sitting on the couch. I've been apparently doing way too much of that lately, now that I'm on modified activity until I give birth. (It's getting darn boring!!!) Mmmmm, red wine. How I miss thee. Have another glass for me, please ;)

Can't wait to see your summer of lace project done...!

Can't wait to see pictures of the bedroom. Did you take before shots?

Alrischa said...

Well, you inspired me to clean my room a little bit, so you should be pretty proud about that :D Have fun blocking, when you get some energy back.

Sinéad said...

Sounds like a busy weekend! I bet the room looks great already. Especially with new floors. Looking forward to seeing your summer of lace project!

Laurie said...

Couch and wine are good! Looking forward to pictures of that room. We're going to paint and spruce our bedroom up as soon as it's cool enough to take the window a/c out. Can't wait!!

Maryse said...

It's well deserved! I look forward to see the transformation!