Monday, August 30, 2010

Beauty and the (fugly) beast

This weekend, our bedroom went from this:

To this:

All with the help of this:

We're still sleeping in a room with no furniture, of course, but it's a NICE room with no furniture now. I put on a coat of paint on Sunday, the second coat will go on Friday morning, and then you'll REALLY see something :)

So that's it for Beauty. Before I can move onto the (fugly) beast, I wanted to tell you about an idea I've been pondering for the past few weeks. It came to me after reading one of the Yarn Harlot's recent posts, where she was (deservedly) congratulating herself on the brilliant awesomeness of her Self-imposed sock club.

"I should do something like that!" I thought. But really, if I were to try to knit a pair of socks a month, I'd never get anything else done. So much for that.

Later on, I was looking through my queue on Ravelry, and I realized I have a lot of hats in there. Like, a LOT. Click! "I could do a Self-imposed hat club!"

So that's what I did. I printed out 12 hat patterns and paired them up with 12 skeins of yarn, and on Friday I pulled one out at random. I was thrilled when it turned out to be the Bella Swan La Push hat, because a) I heart all things Twilight and b) I haven't crocheted anything in a good long while.

By the end of the night though, I had run into a big problem. Namely, the hat was fugly. I hate the pointy top, and although I realize all top-down beanies look like yamikas, this one looked like an obscene pink mockery of a yamika.

In short, I wanted to frog this sucker. "But what about the Hat Club!?!?" I thought. Could I really just change the pattern even though this is what I had drawn out of my bag 'o hat tricks? I thought about it for a good long while.

Then I got over it. It's a self-imposed club (DUH!). I make the rules, I can do whatever the heck I want. And if it's fugly, it's not getting made. On to plan B! I'm thinking either the Better Bucket hat or the Star Crossed Slouchy Beret. I've been meaning to knit them forever, heh.

Happy Knitting Everyone!


Alrischa said...

I can see you more in a beret, but I also queued the bucket hat immediately... you'll have to make them both ;) back to Rav...

Sereknitty said...

The bedroom is looking much improved ... LOVE the lamps!

Like the idea of a hat-a-month club -- perfect for the upcoming Fall/Winter season. All of my hats are 'baby' sized at the moment :)

Sinéad said...

Ohh the bedroom looks really nice. I love the dark floor and the lamps. Very "atmospheric" heh.
It's a shame your first hat club pattern went so wrong, way to turn you off the whole idea!
Hopefully you can rescue it.

Ally Johnston said...

I love the self imposed club idea, especially the bit where you get to make the rules. Well done you.

Maryse said...

Wow! Super beau plancher foncé! Très bon choix. J'adore! J'ai hâte de voir la suite!

Dommage pour le chapeau. Il y a aussi le Bella Eclipse Hat! J'ai toujours eu un faible pour les rayures...

Bonne continuation dans tes rénos!

Big Girl Feet said...

Love your new room- it's looking great!!
And great idea for your own knitting club- I am doing the same but with socks! :)

Knit and Purl Mama said...

Great progress on the room!

Love the hat club idea. What a good idea! Hats are quick to make! I love your rendition of the yarmulke! I think I like Star Crossed Slouchy Beret over the other one. Just my opinion...!

Ali P said...

BRILLIANT!!!! A hat club. You are genius!!!

Jennifer said...

Look at you- sacrificing blocking boards for the good of the room. Brave of you! (ps it's looking great!)

Laurie said...

Ooh - I love the lamps! Hat club, eh? Great idea! I'm putting myself on a sock club starting in January to finish up a couple sock kits (6 months worth in each kit!) I bought several years ago.