Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Like Kim Basinger said...

...I love purple. It really is my signature colour.

Which is why this yarn, which came in the Rockin' Sock Club a few years ago, was just the perfect thing to lift me out of my endless green scarf doldrums a few weeks ago. Plus the kit came with a Yarnissima pattern, who I absolutely ADORE. The woman's got a serious crush on gussets that just makes me giddy.

Think about it: heel flaps and gussets on a toe-up sock!!! The mind boggles!!! I'm boggled, I tell you.

Pattern: Cleopatra's Stockings, by Yarnissima (May 2008 RSC offering)
Yarn: Socks that Rock Lightweight in Shrinking Violet
Needles: 2.25 and 2.5 mm
Modifications: I lengthened the leg a bit before starting the twisted rib at the cuff.

I'm going to sum up the experience of knitting these socks with a fairly simple mathematical formula:

Yarnissima pattern + Happy Purple yarn = TOTAL FRICKIN' AWESOMENESS.

They totally restored my will to knit and renewed my faith in the Knitting Fates. So much so that I even decided to work on the green scarf this weekend! I only have about 22 grams of yarn left to knit up, after all.

Except that I... um... can't find it anymore.

Apparently I was so disgusted by the mere sight of it that I willed it into non-existence. I've looked everywhereish, and it's naught to be found.


Happy Knitting, Everyone!


Chantal Boucher said...

Complètement en accord avec ton enthousiasme débordant (je l'interprète au nombre de mots anglais que je ne comprends pas! lol!) Ils sont magnifiques ces cho7 et le talon, à partir d'un toe-up... hum je suis jalouse! Pour ça et pour le reste, on dirait même que je dépenserais le 6,50$ du patron (cher un peu... mais bon!) Bravo encore!

sapphireblue said...

That gusset is pretty cool. I love the color.

Knit and Purl Mama said...

Great socks! Love the color. I should dig that yarn out, I was in that club too.

You lost the green scarf!? Uh oh... where did you last see it? Maybe it rolled under the couch? bed?

Laurie said...

ROTFL!!! You lost the evil green scarf????? Too funny! However, those socks are amazing! I've queued that pattern, but I do think it's the yarn that really makes them special. Wowza...

Maryse said...

J'adore le motif! Quand je serai passé au travers de mon stash, il se peut bien que je me tricote quelque chose de mauve ou violet aussi! J'en vois partout ces temps-ci! Heureuse qu'ils t'aient rendue heureuse!

dawn said...

I love purple! That Yarnissima is really a genius with gussets! The socks are super awesome!

Alrischa said...

Nice purple; even the pooling works out! hehe.

You'll find that green scarf in about 2 years, and think "I Love This! Why did I never finish it?" :D

Sinéad said...

Verrry nice socks. Love the striping, and the gusset. I totally get you about Yarnissima. I also enjoyed having a peek at your knitting books in the photo, seeing which ones I have too!
And like Alrischa said, you'll find that green scarf in a while and be happy to finish it. :)