Monday, September 17, 2007


What is it about deadlines that makes me want to totally disregard them until the last possible moment? I really, really, REALLY would like to have Emilie's sweater all finished for her to wear at Rhinebeck next month (I even set up a ticker on the blog to remind me how fast that most holy of events is approaching, and no, I don't think that makes me a nerd), so of course now all I want to do is work on my sock. *Sigh*

My progress has been achingly slow. Can I just put it on record that I really don't like colour-work at all? I'm averaging a whopping six rows per evening, and the colour section has seventy-one rows. So it'll take nine evenings just to complete the flowers. Oh, and did I mention there are freakin' flowers on both the front and the back?

Jessica commented that she would like to see some close-ups of the flowers. Jessica, this one's for you baby. Actually, she read my mind. I really wanted to post close-ups, but didn't know how to use the macro feature on my camera. Phil showed me how this morning.

I'm quite happy with the results so far (though by no means convinced that my daughter will actually want to wear the sweater when it is presented to her).

And just because I'm now enamoured with the whole "macro" concept, here's a close-up shot of my current sock in progress. I really shouldn't be putting any valuable knitting time on this at all, but it's just more convenient for day-time knitting (a.k.a. can be interrupted at any given moment because Maxime is waking up knitting).

Alas, there's also another impending deadline that I'm totally avoiding, the upcoming birth of my friend's daughter, for whom I want to knit the Tulip Baby Cardigan. I haven't even swatched yet. Just call me Cleopatra, queen of De-Nile! (It's funny if you say it out loud, trust me on this).

I'll wrap up this post with a gratuitous cutie-pie shot of Maxime this morning (just ignore the unkempt woman in her hand-me-down purple flower pajamas, will ya?). Isn't he sweet? Quite the handsome man about town, if I do say so myself. :)


Knitting Mama said...

The progress is gorgeous, I like what you are making!

Maxime is such a cutie!

Would you be interested in going out for coffee with a bunch of knitters if we meet in Laval? I have a car and don't mind travelling and can be bored some days on maternity leave.

Kate-the-Enabler (enabled) said...

Ooh - a Laval knitters coffee? Um. Can you keep me posted too?

The sweater looks like it's progressing beautifully - sorry to hear it's going so slowly.. You'll be proud as all-get-out when it's done (and on display at Rhinebeck, right??)

Must go knit sock. Must go knit sock. (who needs food and a clean house? Laundry? What's that? Oh dear.)