Friday, September 21, 2007

Random Tidbits

I wound up picking up Maxime's Jumperoo at Toys 'R Us yesterday, because I remembered I had a five dollar gift certificate from our last visit. That was all the pretense I needed! He's not quite tall enough for his feet to fully touch the ground at the lowest setting, but he seemed to enjoy himself nonetheless. I also picked up an inflatable activity ring that I'd always wanted when my daughter was a baby, because even though she sat upright, she had this nasty habit of flinging herself backwards, and I was always afraid she was going to crack her skull. Maxime seemed to like it (though Philippe wasn't too thrilled at yet another baby toy cluttering our teensy living room).

I also received The Ultimate Sock Book yesterday. The introductory section is a little bit redundant for someone who has already knit a few pairs of socks, but the chapter on sock design is quite interesting. Who knows, I may just up and design my own pattern! Watch out, Cookie A! :) There are also a few patterns I'll want to try (some day, the queue is quite long). I'm really looking forward to Ravelry being ready (I've decided to be patient rather than put myself on the waiting list to be a beta tester), because apparently you can view all the patterns in new books prior to purchase (Knitpicks does give you a sneak peek though).

I've almost finished the flower section of the back of Emilie's sweater. I think I'll concentrate on that today (assuming Maxime lets me knit at all! He already woke up half an hour early from his morning nap!). If I can get the colourwork finished, maybe I can finish the back this weekend. I'm a little concerned about the tightening/rippling of the fabric (I guess my gauge tightens up when doing Fair Isle), but I'm hoping it'll even out when it's blocked.


Knitting Mama said...

He does look super cute in the jumperoo though!

kate-across-the-way said...

Hey! I think the colourwork is coming along beautifully - and I'm sure you're right, that any unevenness will come out in the blocking. That said - it actually doesn't look particularly uneven in the pic - looking forward to seeing what comes after the flowers.
happy knitting - K.