Friday, September 7, 2007

Rhinebeck, baby!

It's official, we've made our hotel reservations and Phil and I and the kiddies will all be heading out to the Rhinebeck Sheep and Wool Festival in October, and I cannot wait. I've been wanting to go to a knit-related event for some time now, especially since Philippe gets to attend one if not two pinball shows a year, and we finally decided to just go.

So, in preparation for that most solemn of events, and as the entire blogosphere is my witness, there will be no stash enhancement from now on. I'm practically breaking out into hives as I write this, but I'm going to be strong. I SOLEMNLY SWEAR WILL NOT BUY YARN UNTIL RHINEBECK. Not if The Loopy Ewe gets more Wollmeise in, not if Sachi ever puts up any more handspun. No more yarn, period. Of course, all orders made before this post, whether they've been processed or not, don't count :)

I mention that because I had to make a small order from Ram Wools earlier this week, but it didn't count because it was actually due to a change in the colour scheme for the sweater I recently cast on for Emilie (they're my rules, I can bend them any way I want).

When I bought the yarn a few months back, they didn't have the colours I wanted for the flower motif, so I thought "Oh well, I'll just make do with these, it'll be fine" (hint number one: it'll never be "just fine"). When I took it out of the stash earlier this week, I thought the colours looked a little, well, old for a three-year-old's sweater, but I'm nothing if not persistent (some say pig-headed, whatever). After knitting a couple of rows, though, I couldn't fool myself any longer. I tinked back the four rows, set the sweater aside, and moseyed on over to the computer. *Sigh* You'd think I'd have learned that the "This will do just fine" approach to knitting DOESN'T WORK.

The upside of putting the new sweater aside is that I'm making excellent progress on my second Solstice Slip sock. I should be finished within a day or two.


Anonymous said...

Shut UP!!! (and for the record - I NEVER say that - so please insert all appropriate dripping with envy and excitement on your behalf nuances when you read that.)
Wow. You guys probably need a hugely pregnant woman along just for kicks. Right?
I'm delighted for you - that should be a LOT of fun. Stash showing when you come home??

Jessica said...

Uhhhh.... so you mean like, you guys are going on a roadtrip? Like, for wool? You are now officially my most favourite nerd :) right behind Phil of course.

Sachi said...

Um... Hi. I'm not trying to push you into breaking a yarn diet (I'm currently on one myself) but, in the future, if you want something that you see on my blog and it's sold out before you get to the shop, just let me know and I'll make sure you get something yummy set aside for you. :-)