Wednesday, November 7, 2007


There's good news and bad news here at Casa De Dear. The good news is that the multiple cast-on strategy seems to have worked, and the binge-itis (aka urge to splurge) is under control. The bad news is that many WIPs makes for slow progress on each project, and thus a lack of interesting blog fodder.

I've noticed that, almost imperceptibly, The Knitting has begun to invade my house. Now, this invasion is nowhere near that which has befallen some households, but nevertheless, there's lots of knitting paraphernalia lying around. Take my nightstand, for example.

On the nightstand, you'll notice my swift, scale and winder, four skeins of Sock Hop yarn (I'm not done fondling it yet), some leftover STR from the first completed Love Lace Sock. But what about the floor, you say? That'd be the Estelle Mystik DK I ordered from Ram Wools last week, the Lanas Puras Melosa from my Cluaranach kit, and my copy of Knitting New Scarves. So yeah, we're dealing with a slow and steady invasion. Phil actually had to push the yarn out of the way to get into bed the other day. Tee-Hee!

Yesterday Kate-the-Enabler and I headed out to the West Island to meet up with Robyn and Jennifer at Robyn's new house. It's quite lovely, and I'm totally jealous that she gets to have an entire room just for her yarn (she does have a yarn shop though...). I wouldn't say much knitting got done, since we were all busy with our boys (except for Kate, who's son has yet to exit her womb :)), but it was fun to meet up and gab. We also put Maxime and Jakob together on a playmat (Maxime is a whopping 3 days older than Jakob), and it was absolutely adorable how they sort of stared at each other in mild surprise. Doncha wish I'd taken a picture??? Me too!!! (bad blogger, BAD BLOGGER!!!).

Finally, per Phil's request (aka frequent commenter Mrhide), here's a picture of us duking it out on our friends' Wii this past Saturday. It's not the most flattering picture, but it may help you understand why my muscles are only now starting to relax.


Mrhide said...

/cue in Eye of the Tiger song

FYI, the boxing match lasted 3 rounds and, by decision, was a tie !! appropriatly, blogger wants me to enter "mbphhgnf" as a word verification :)

We need a wii! Revenge will be mine ! mouhahaha! (for you know.. wool invading our love bed!)

Debby said...

I can only tell you from experience that the yarn will eventually take up your whole house...yikes. I love WII..I love pitching in the baseball game

Knitting Mama said...

Glad you had a good time at my house. Next time we'll come see yours! Are we setting a date in November for that yet?

And you must keep us update with Kate's baby news~