Monday, November 26, 2007

Not so much

Friday's planned outing, which I was really looking forward to, turned into a total nightmare. On our way into the city, we hit a wall of traffic, and after our attempts to find alternate routes all failed miserably, Phil got in a huff and decided we weren't going. (Before you get upset at him, read the rest of this post). I then got in a huff myself (to put it mildly), because even though Maxime was with us, it had kind of felt like we were going out on a date, and now the whole thing was ruined. Phil then proposed we head to Ikea to check out some sofas (we want a pull out for our basement), to which I, again, threw a hissy fit (I don't WA-nnnaaaaa go to Ikea!!!).

OK, so now we're both completely pissed off (so much for THAT date!), and Phil decides to circle back and try to get to the Christmas store again (YOU WANNA GO??? FINE!!!). He's now fully enraged, and motoring along, and it's at that precise moment that he gets stopped for speeding and receives a 245$ ticket. HeeHee!!! That pretty much cured me of my childish behaviour, but understandably, Phil was still pissed. Then I got upset that he wasn't talking to me ('cause he was still fuming).... Anyway! Long story short? We went home and didn't talk to each other for about an hour.

No worries though! We made up that very afternoon, and headed out to the mall to try and salvage what was left of the afternoon before we had to pick up Émilie from daycare. And we DID manage to get to the Christmas store on Sunday morning, where I picked out this snow globe. Isn't it cute? Santa's on a little toboggan (maybe it's a snowboard?), and it moves when you crank up the music (it plays Jingle Bells). And isn't that a great picture? I took it using my brand-new photo tent. It's sort of a quick and dirty version, taken from this tutorial, but it works great, and Phil assures me that he's going to make me an even better one now that he understands what I want to do with it.

I've been diligently working on my secret project (check it out on Ravelry). It should be done by the end of the week, so I'll be able to post pictures of my knitting once again by next week. In the interest of efficiency, I'm trying to be as monogamous as possible.


Kate-the-five-days-overdue-enabler said...

Love the globe - so very glad you got to choose one on a happy day and enjoy the whole thing.
Bravo to Philippe for not only creating the first 'tent' but on already working on bettering it. Whattaguy.

Mrhide said...

Emilie got 2 "horses" Christmas ornaments at 12.99$ each and broke all 4 ears and one leg already ...

That's my only consolation about Tara spending her money "wisely" instead of giving it away to the police like I did :(

The tent is WAY too small. I'm thinking of creating one that's about 4 feet X 4 feet. Yes, of course with Kite fabric!

Jennifer said...

LOL the whole time I read your post I could have sworn I was reading about a day between Yannick and I. I love very cute snow globe. I collect Charming Tails figurines, but instead of getting one every year, we get them to commemorate special occasions.

I can't believe your hubby is making you a huge photo tent out of kite fabric? You DO know how awesome that will be, right? Can we spell j-e-a-l-o-u-s...? :]

AliP said...

Wow you guys make up FAST! Thats so nice!
I think I'll be getting the chilly shoulder here for a few more days about an altercation on Friday. Talk about a grude holder! PS: I was the one with the legitamate grieveance! OY!
I used to get snow globes at Xmas too. Antiquey looking ones. I love shakin' 'em and watching the scenery go from calm to romantically snowy. LOL
I must say Mr Hide, we have never met but already I think you rock for making a photo tent for your beloved, not once but Twice! These are the things that keep a man sexy to his wife. A willingness to serve. ;oD