Monday, January 28, 2008

Accept What Is

I'm back, and I've had a heck of a weekend. I'm now sleep deprived, short-tempered, and seriously in need of some personal grooming ;). But it's a new day, and I'm going to try to get back into my normal routine, as far as I can.

As I mentioned in my last post, Maxime developed a really nasty cough on Thursday afternoon, which quickly turned into croup, aka whooping cough, a common childhood ailment (Émilie never had it) that will haunt my dreams for years to come, I'm sure. Even though I thought he was getting better on Friday afternoon, it turned out to be wishful thinking on my part, and Friday night was one of the worst nights of my life, I kid you not. The scary thing about croup isn't the coughing, it's the "I can't get any oxygen into my lungs DO SOMETHING MOMMY!" wheezing and panicking. Not fun. We managed to get through it somehow, with a humidifier in his room and a few trips outside during the night (cold air helps open up the airways), and Saturday night was a bit better.

Despite having gone to bed at 8:30 Saturday night, I've incurred quite a sleep debt, and I'm now finding myself getting ticked and impatient at the poor little guy for being so "whiny". So I've decided to add a second part to my motto (formerly "This Too Shall Pass").

Accept what is. I was watching a program on TLC last week, called Kids by the Dozen, and this woman with twelve children was talking about the biggest challenges of having such a large family. "Accept what is. If something unexpected happens that requires your immediate attention, just go with it." I'm a planner, and I have real problems with unexpected events messing up my routine (even fun, spontaneous things can get me miffed). So I'm going to repeat my new and improved motto to myself throughout the day. Accept what is, Tara, and this too shall pass. These words of wisdom will no doubt come in handy this week, as Phil is away on business until late Friday night, leaving me with both cherubs.

Breaking News: The trip to Japan is ON, baby! The tickets have been purchased, and now I've got to get my butt into gear and get my passport renewed (Whoopsee!), plan my day trips ('cause Phil will be working) and start getting the house and kids' stuff ready for when my parents come down to babysit. Yup, I really need to get cracking. Yessiree Bob. I'll get right on that (just not today, mercy, MERCY!!!).

And would you believe it? I managed to get a wee bit of knitting done this weekend. I finished the right Spring Cable sock, and I'm really happy with the results. They fit him like a dream! Too bad I wasn't able to finish the pair before he left, I'm sure he would have liked to have a brand new pair while he's away. Maybe when he gets back? Lookout, it's Wonder-Mommy!!!! :)

I'll leave you with this picture of myself, trying to retrieve my beloved sock blockers from behind the washer and dryer (they slipped while I was doing the laundry). Phil took another picture of me in all my bendy, underwear poking out the top of my jeans glory, but I'll spare you that one. This is a G-rated blog, after all ;)


Jessica said...

I think you can apply for your passport online, or at least print out the form from their website (no more trips to the post office for an application.) You can also now have just about anyone sign as your guarantor, which I don't agree with, but it makes life easier.
If you need any help this week, please let me know... I'll be around.

Sereknitty said...

Japan sounds exciting! I like your new motto ... I, too, am a planner by nature and often find it challenging when an 'life anomaly' crops up. I'm trying to learn to 'go with the flow'.

Erin said...

because I know you're tired I thought I'd tag you for a meme over at my place. Hope you'll play along! It will get better I promise. They grow up so quick.

AliP said...

Oh man, I remember sitting on the toilet seat with the shower running for a mist holding a toddler on my lap at the uber early middle of the night morning hours...yikes. You have my utmost empathy and sympathy.
Think of this as practice for waiting up when he's a teen and out past curfew with the car..?

Mrhide said...

a "bullet?!"
haha .. MERCY!!!
/stop inside

Nice sock!!!

Knitting Mama said...

I'm finally catching up on your blog.

I love watching Kids by the Dozen so that I can feel better about raising 1 kid. Those women are NUTS!! And if those kids can do it with 12+, I can do it with 2!