Monday, January 14, 2008

It's official

This weekend was Maxime's Christening (I'll post photos as they come in), and my Dad and his wife Margot came down from Markdale, Ontario to spend the weekend with us and be there for the big day. It was great having them, especially after Dad's health scare just before Christmas. I wish they didn't live so far away! The ceremony itself went really well. Maxime was a champ, didn't cry or anything when the priest poured the water on his head, but he definitely had a "what the Heck is going on?" look in his face. Now we get a couple of years off before we begin the long process leading up to Émilie's first communion. I say long process because, whereas catechism was taught in school when I was a kid, it's up to the parents to take steps in that direction nowadays. In my parish, this involves 2 years of monthly "seminars" with the kids. Aaargh. Some may wonder why we bother when we don't really go to church, but that's a longer discussion than I'm willing to have on this blog! :) I'd rather wax poetic about knitting.

Speaking of which, Hallelujah, Christmas chez Dearknits is officially over. Done. Finito. The final gift has been blocked, wrapped and given away, and can now be shared with you.

Behold, the lovely Bird in Hand Mittens, designed by Montrealer Kate Gilbert. I made these for my lovely cousin Jessica, now Godmother to both my children and friend extraordinaire. Specs as follows: knit with Cascade 220 wool (I forget which colourways), using 2.5 mm needles. I really enjoyed this project, the colourwork wasn't too difficult, but still challenging enough to keep things interesting.

Being done with Christmas knitting means that I can finally be the promiscuous tramp I've been longing to be and enjoy casual affairs with a variety of projects. Woo-Hoo!!! First in what will surely be a long line of new cast-ons, these socks, for Phil, who despite being nearest and dearest to my heart, did not in fact receive any woolly love this year for Christmas (but he gets it all year round). I've only knit my swatch so far (I'll be using some lovely wool/nylon I got at Rhinebeck), but I'm looking forward to hunkering down with them later this afternoon.

Right now, I'm off to wake up Maxime and give him a bottle before we head out to our Aqua-Mommy class (I soooo don't feel like going today!!!). Happy Knitting everyone!


Jessica said...

I must comment with mixed feelings, as I am both the "lovely cousin" and godmother to your children, but I am also the beastly relative who has burdened your restless fingers with knitting monotony ;) Now that you're back on the horse remember, safety first!
So, how amazing are my new mitts, people? I'm now on the lookout for a new red hat to match (but with my big head this always proves to be difficult.)
Brava Tara!

Mrhide said...

Hey *I* picked up that wool Rhinebeck thank you very much!

Jessica, subtle ;) hehe

Caroline said...

Gorgeous mittens, gorgeous! Now I must make me a pair!

Knitting Mama said...

Love the mittens Tara! Glad to hear Maxime's Christening went well. Did anyone wear a hockey jersey?

Hope to see you soon.

AliP said...

Oh tara those mittens are to die for. I really need to do mine since I HAVE the pattern and everything! I am practicing with a different pair for now. How could you bear to part with them?????

Jennifer said...

I'm clearly very delayed in my commenting, plus haven't been sleeping much lately. So forgive me for being late on this. Congrats to you guys and Maxime for his Christening! I've only been to one before, but we got to go up front 'cus it was for Yannick's nephew and he was named godfather so it was kinda cool.