Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Fresh out

I had a bunch of snazzy blog post titles running around my head today, but it seems that I'm spent, because I'm fresh out of ideas at present.

In my defense, today was a long day. It started before the crack of dawn with my daughter getting up at around 5:45 AM to head to the bathroom, hacking and coughing all the way (she's getting over a cold at the moment). For reasons I still don't fully comprehend, Phil decided it would be a good idea to have her come into our bed for the remaining 30 minutes of the night (his alarm goes off at 6:15 - ugh). Let me ask you something: could you sleep with someone whose morning coughing takes on Tuberculosis-like qualities lying on YOUR pillow and gently running her fingers all over your face? Yeah, didn't think so. Especially when she knows that we can get out of bed when the clock says 6:00, so she watches it like a hawk and comments on Every. Single. Minute. "Maman !!! C'est cinq cinq huit !". Yes, thank you honey.

Despite the early morning coughies, Émilie was really feeling quite chipper this morning, so off to daycare she went after two days at home. Maxime and I had our Cardio-Poussette class (which I briefly debated skipping in favour of some couch-potato time), then went straight back home for lunch and a nap, followed by a trip to the grocery store before we picked up Émilie. I know. How can I keep up with this fast-paced lifestyle? :)

In one of my recent posts, I mentioned that I'd bought a bunch of books at Chapters recently. Some arrived on Monday, so I've got plenty of reading material. I've been reading through Mason Dixon Knitting over the past 2 days. I've wanted that book for a while, but always felt it was too expensive (go figure), so I was really glad to use a gift certificate to buy it. I really like Ann and Kay's style. I used to read their blog, but felt it was a bit too technical for my tastes. Now I'm thinking of giving them another chance (I know, I'm a giver).

I've been focusing on 2 projects lately: Cluaranach and Phil's Spring Cable Socks. I'm also looking forward to casting on the Cardigan for Merry. I'm waiting for Kate-the-Enabler to receive her yarn from KnitPicks (that's right - perennially frugal Kate-the-Enabler made her first EVER online yarn purchase. Give her a great big hand!!!!) so we can work on it together during our weekly SnBs.

That's it for tonight, folks! I'm off to knit and sleep (not necessarily in that order).


Caroline said...

Can I virtually join you with the Cardigan for Merry? I really need a new project. What yarn are you and Kate using? I'll need to use one of my Effiloché gift certificates to buy yarn for this...

Maggie said...

That cardigan is so cute! Now I just need a baby to knit it for.

You know what's funny? I know you're in Quebec and I know your children have French names, but it never occurred to me that you guys speak French at home. Duh, I'm slow. :)

Maxime needs to be on a jar of baby food - what a sweet face!

Kate-the-enabler said...

Har. oh Har.
Seriously - I laughed out loud at being called perennially frugal. I don't know's true - but funny nevertheless. Maybe it's the sleep deprivation.
Yarn due to arrive in 2-12 days. Countdown to cast-on is ON.
So if we all knit it...I'm guessing that makes it a knit-a-long? (um. I'm not really speedy, eh folks? Knit slowly, ok?)

cheers - (Blogless)-Kate-the-(perennially frugal)-enabler

ps - rough couple of days Tara - bravo on making it out to cardio - that shows real resolve.

AliP said...

oh my gods T you are STRONG in the willpower if you made it to cardio after interrupted sleep. I am very weak in the willpower, as the size of my ass will attest.
I love the cardigan for Merry. Its one of the first patterns I printed off when I got hooked on knitting last year. I have a nephew due this spring but I am not wise in the way of the cables.