Thursday, April 24, 2008

Fun Filled Days

Maxime had a great first day at daycare on Tuesday. Émilie was apparently very helpful (perhaps too helpful!), and our daycare lady, Isabelle, thinks they're both going to do just fine. I wasn't really too worried, but it was good to hear nonetheless.

So Tuesday I had the entire day to myself. I did wind up doing some "productive" things (I finished preparing Phil's and my provincial income tax returns - ooh baby I live on the edge!), but I also managed to squeeze in some quality "us" time as well. For instance, we met up for a picnic at a local park, and flew his new kite.

This design is called a French Military kite (if I'm not mistaken), hence the blue, white and red colour scheme. It flew reasonably well for it's first time out. There are still a few line adjustments to be made, but considering that there was in fact NO wind that day, it did pretty well. It was nice to spend some time outside with Phil!

Yesterday I decided to take a page from Robyn's book and dressed Maxime in his one and only Habs T-shirt (I didn't even buy it, it was a gift from my nephew). I was trying to get a picture to post on the blog, but as you'll see, getting a picture of an almost one-year old can sometimes be tricky.

Maxime:"Huh? You talkin' to me?"

Maxime: "Heeey! What's that in your hand there? Can I see?" (Yes, I was still in my pajamas at this point.)

Maxime: "Wow! Looks like a camera!!! Let me try!!!"

He's a cutie!

Last night I went to the LavalKnits knit night, and while I only had 14 rows left on Cluaranach (I may have enabled Sandra into purchasing the pattern, I'm not sure), lace isn't really suited for social knitting, so I cast on for Émilie's Good Stripe Dress instead (I finally got the replacement colours in the mail yesterday). I really like the colour combo so far, and since it's mostly stockinette, I think it'll go fairly quickly. I'm really looking forward to seeing how it turns out!

I've got another "Get Out of Jail Free" day today (Maxime is in daycare all day), so here's today's plan: finish Cluaranach, graft and block!!! I also promised my Mom I'd take her out for lunch and a movie (either 21 or Smart People, we'll see).

Happy Knitting!


Knit & Purl Mama said...

Go Habs Go!

I love Maxime's tshirt!

Let us know which movie you go to and how it was!

Jennifer Lori said...

He's adorable!

How was the movie?

Anonymous said...

So there's my punishment for not going to Laval Knit Night last night...I missed the cast on of the stripe dress, which I'm really eager to see in progress, and done. That'll teach me.

Hope lunch and a movie was good, and here's to another good day tomorrow (another you day, I think?)


Mrhide said...

btw, the kite is 9 x 9 feet ... doesn't look that big when it's up but look at the picture again compared to "the guy"!

Sereknitty said...

Your Maxime is soooo cute! I really like the colours you picked for Emilie's striped dress and look forward to seeing the finished product. I'm glad you're able to carve out some 'me' time ... so necessary!

birana said...

Your son is very cute! The dress colors are very nice i love the flashy color effect. I won't be able to go to laval knits meeting for a while. I will start a evening class on every wednesday for summer.