Monday, April 21, 2008


I think it's safe to say that anyone who knows me would agree that I tend to take on too much. I don't know how it happens, exactly, but I think that it's mainly due to my genuine desire to be helpful to others, combined with my total inability to accurately judge how long a given task will take to complete. Anyway, long story short? I tend to take on too much.

For instance, I'm going back to work in 2 weeks. Thus, Maxime will be in daycare 2 whole days this week, to gently ease him into a new routine. I've got an abagagillion things I could do this week, like washing the windows, raking the property, cleaning out the flower beds, removing my daughter's booger-crusted wallpaper, and getting ready for Maxime's first birthday. Plus all the other stuff that needs to get done around here (laundry needs to get done, meals need to get prepared, yadayadayada).

So, pretty busy. The only problem is that my tendency to take on too much is matched only by my equally powerful urge to sprout roots on the living room sofa, to just lounge around and let the minutes lazily pass me by because, as any mother knows, the number of times a working mother has the house all to herself are few and far between, and are not to be wasted on stupid, so-called "productive" stuff.

I know all this. Unfortunately, I'm also a champion of self-imposed guilt (hey, I'm a complex woman). So I've been feeling, shall we say, a little scattered lately.

This has been reflected in my knitting as well. I've somehow managed to contract both startitis AND finishitis. It's like I've got an urge I can't satisfy (or name, for that matter). I want the thrill of casting on something new, but I also want the rush that comes from a finished object. I doubt even a healthy dose of stash enhancement would make me feel any better at this point.

Evidence of finishitis: What little time I had to knit this weekend was mainly spent on Cluaranach. As of last night, I've only got 2 pattern repeats (56 rows) left on the second half to complete the wrap, then it gets grafted and blocked. I don't know why this project has been languishing. It's very entertaining, and beautiful, and I'm looking forward to seeing the completed project. I've set a goal of 1 pattern repeat a day on this puppy, so if all goes according to plan, I'll have a completed wrap by the end of the week.

As a reward for completing my knitting goals, I'm allowed to work on either one of my socks in progress. I admit that I've been so intrigued by the design of Leafling that most of my sock knitting has been spent on this project. I really like the way it's turning out (pun intended).

I've got to say I think the mediumweight STR is by far my favourite to work with. Such a nice fabric. There's truly nothing about this sock I'm not liking. Hey! Wanna see the heel???

See that? The slip stitch heel flap continues through the heel turn and bottom part of the sole. How cool is that??? (OK, to your average person, perhaps it really isn't cool at all, but I thought it was pretty neat.)

Oh, and I CANNOT BELIEVE I ALMOST FORGOT TO BLOG THIS!!!! (Seriously, I was just proof-reading and about to hit the Publish Post button). I'm totally going to Rhinebeck!!!!!! Kate-the-Dilly-Dallying-Enabler (she knows I'm just kidding) has finally committed to accompanying me on what will likely become my annual pilgrimage to the New York Sheep and Wool Festival. And we're going without our husbands and kids!!! Just a couple of fiber enthusiasts on a knitting road trip. Woooo-Hooooooo!!!!! It's going to be awesome, I can't wait. :)


Maggie said...

I feel like you just wrote a post about me. I grossly underestimate the length of time it takes me to do things, I like to park my ass, and sometimes these two qualities get me so overwhelmed with things that need to get done that I end up huddled in a corner, crying. Heh.

That's a great idea, continuing the slip-stitch through the sole. My socks wear more just under the heel than at the back of the heel, so I think I'll be doing this for my next pair. Thanks!

And if I manage to make it to Rhinebeck as is my plan, we must meet up!

Mrhide said...

"booger-crusted wallpaper"

iiieeeww!! can't believe you wrote that down!

Anonymous said...

I laughed out loud on the dilly-dallying thing, loud enough that Liam jumped in surprise..
Yo-Ho for Rhinebeck....

Cluaranach looks spectacular in the pic - you are going to be so thrilled to have it done - much excitement, and the green socks continue to be gorgeous.

cheers - Needs-a-blog-blogless-Kate-the-dilly-dallying-Enabler.

Knit & Purl Mama said...

The BMFA RSC socks look awesome! I love their medium weight as well!

I hope to get to Rhinebeck. That's my plan. Working on convincing my mom to help me, cuz I'll have to bring both kiddies... ;)

birana said...

oh! I'm late in my post reading! I'm moving to Saint-Jerome, Laval was too expensive for area we loved. I'm like you taking too much things for the time I have...

It will be an interesting travel this! I would be going, but i'm moving exactly in that time... i'll be busy with all my cartons.

Sereknitty said...

Oooh, that shawl is stunning! I especially love the colours you've chosen for it. The socks look very 'springy' in that fab green colour way. I, too, have several projects on the go at once and sometimes get overwhelmed with them all, but I also figure it keeps things interesting.

Jennifer Lori said...

As soon as I get back from WEBS (America's Yarn Store TM) I'm SO going to post about being totally jealous that you're going to Rheinbeck!