Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Sea Silk! (or The Trappings of KnitNights)

Last week I attended the LavalKnits meeting (along with Alison, Sandra and Audrey (blog-less?), and had a grand old time, as per always. I really love getting out and hanging out with fellow knitters, and can't make it into town for the MontrealKnits meetings, so LavalKnits has been great. Unfortunately, KnitNights can also be quite perilous for a girl who is supposed to be watching her budget (really, who are we kidding at this point?).

I've been pretty good about abstaining from any yarn purchases since coming back from Japan (aside from signing up for a spinning workshop at Ariadne on May 4th, but that doesn't count). Then Sandra pulls out this absolutely stunning Eunny Jang stole she's knitting with HandMaiden Sea Silk, and I'm instantly smitten (as in "Hey Buddy, can I borrow your laptop, I just need to place a quick order NOW!!!). I resist as well as I can, but finally fall off the wagon on Monday. After hunting around for the best price (Ram Wools!), I order 2 skeins in the Amethyst colourway. When it arrived yesterday, I could barely contain my excitement.

Dudes!!! It's stunning, it's magnificent, sonnets should be composed in its honour. Seriously, it's so soft and luscious and beautiful, I'm constantly being drawn towards it (maybe Seacell has magnetic properties?). Far be it from me to actually KNIT with this yarn, of course. :) No, I'm kidding, I totally will, I just want to get a bit further ahead on my current projects first.

Speaking of wip's, I'd post photos, but all you'd see are two slightly longer socks than the ones I last posted. I've only just begun the gusset increases in Leafling (again, shaping based on Cat Bordhi's techniques, should be interesting), and I'm still working on the foot on my Firestarter. I might concentrate my efforts on one rather than the other (probably Leafling, I really like the feel of it), just to get some visible progress.

Yesterday I had to attend a work function in the afternoon, so Maxime spent his first afternoon at daycare. Once he was safely off with Daddy (Phil comes home for lunch, and dropped him off on his way back to the office), I had a few hours to kill before I had to leave, so I got a spankin' new haircut. I really like it (it's quite short and modern), and I've been able to successfully reproduce it this morning (the true test of a good haircut). I swear, I must have taken 20 pictures of myself in the mirror, but they all made me look either a) old (close-up on wrinkles is not a good thing); b) fat (maybe I need to give up the hobbit lifestyle (breakfast, second breakfast, elevensies...); or c) crazy (I probably look like that all the time). So you'll just have to take my word for it. I like it.

I'll end this post with another picture of the Sea Silk, just 'cause :)

Happy Knitting everyone!


Jennifer Lori said...

MMMmmmm I lurves me some Sea Silk. That's what I used for my mom's Montego Bay scarf. It's luscious!

I could have sworn that the Wool Shop in Pointe-Claire carried Sea Silk for $35, so with no shipping that would have been cheaper probably, but I could be wrong. Maybe it was really $39. I don't remember, 'cus Yannick bought the yarn since I would be doing the "work" for the gift (the knitting).

Don't laugh, but I think they have one skein left in stock - in the exact colorway you bought!

Anonymous said...

I vouch for the haircut. It's fab. When you can't post a pic - Trust the next door neighbour.

Ooh. Ooh. The Sea Silk is purty. I'm not sure how you're resisting casting on NOW - but I applaud your restraint.

Knit & Purl Mama said...

The Sea Silk is gorgeous! Nice colorway too.

What you going to use it for?

Can't wait to see your haircut on the 28th!

Sereknitty said...

Oh, yum ... that sea silk is so pretty! Totally worth it!

ben said...

Well my dear - you have picked up a very nice colour thank you! Mine has advanced - I believe I am stalling this one as I fear doing the edging as I have made it much longer...
And the fact that I just came out of a workshop at Ariadne and want to practice right away is another factor !!

Sam said...

Tara - the previous comment was mine - I was using my boyfriend's computer - sorry