Monday, April 14, 2008

Through the Wilderness

Somehow I made it through the wilderness, the craziness and the busyness with my marbles fairly intact (still waiting on that award, though). Friday's dinner party went from a despair-inducing 9 guests with children to an acceptable, enjoyable 3. Maxime's fever finally broke during the night, allowing us all to sleep in until 7 o'clock Saturday morning, something I was starting to believe was only possible in urban myths.

Since Maxime was feeling better, we hopped in the car and went to the Cabane à Sucre (aka the Sugar Shack), along with a group of kids from Émilie's daycare. Aside from a somewhat traumatic incident in the Haunted House that they had set up for the kids, Émilie had a great time, and especially enjoyed that traditional favourite, hot tire (syrup heated until its caramelized, then cooled on fresh snow and enjoyed on a stick - no really, it's way better than it sounds).

When we got home, I was absolutely exhausted, but despite my best efforts, the kids felt that the 20 minutes they had slept in the car on the way back was more than enough for them, so after briefly considering totally flipping out (Phil was out picking up a new pinball machine with a friend - Hello Sea Silk, here I come!!!), I opted instead for a fun bath à trois. We had a great bubble bath (Maxime really loved being in the bath with Émilie, he kept letting out those awesome baby belly laughs) then we all got in our pajamas. Pajama day!!!! I couldn't veg out on the couch with the Lord of the Rings Trilogy and my knitting (like I would have done if I hadn't had any kids), but it was still pretty nice all the same.

Sunday morning we had some friends over for brunch ('cause, you know, we were starving! I mean, we hadn't eaten in at least 12 hours!!!), and went to my in-laws after the kids' naps that afternoon to review some income tax stuff (Phil's mom usually does his income taxes, but she's just got too much on her plate this year, so I'm going to get to do it). After the kids were in bed, Phil and I watched the hockey game (I can't believe we lost!!!).

I finally managed to get a couple of pictures of Maxime wearing his new cardi.

It fits really well. The sleeves are a little long, but aren't they always? (Or is that just me?). I think Maxime likes it as well, because as soon as I put it on him, he immediately started checking himself out in the mirror.

Too funny :) It seems I was also suffering from severe sock withdrawal (I always have a pair on the needles, but I finished my last pair in Japan), because I cast on not one but two pairs of socks this weekend. First, Leafling, by JC Briar (March Rockin Sock Club). I got mine over three weeks ago, so I don't think I'm spoiling it for anyone by posting this picture.

I especially love this yarn, with its subtle colour variations. Très wonderful. And I also like the feel of the STR mediumweight, it feels a little bouncier than the lightweight. The pattern is worked up using some of the techniques from Cat Bordhi's New Pathways for Sock Knitters (I still haven't found the guts to tackle any of the patterns in that one). I had a bit of trouble at first (especially with the left-leaning-increases, they kept getting twisted on me), but I think I'm good now, and I like the way it's knitting up.

Of course, I've been gazing adoringly at my 2 skeins of Spectrum ShiBui sock ever since I bought them from Robyn's shop a few weeks ago (starving for colour!!!), so after debating a while on the perfect pattern, I finally settled on Yarnissima's Firestarters.

Again, I had a bit of trouble understanding some of her instructions for the cables that run along each side of the foot, but once I got through the pattern, I realized it was fairly intuitive (just written differently than I was accustomed to), and it's been going pretty well (I knit this up last night). At one point during the game last night, Phil looks over at me and says "Weren't you working on green socks last night?".

Yeah, what's your point? :)


Anonymous said...

Wow - great post...I'm so glad you surived the weekend, and with flair - the bubble bath sounds like the stuff of which fond memories are made, as in, 'gee, wasn't it great when the kids were little and we did that bubble bath thing'...
LOVE the socks - especially the green - can't wait to see what happens next in the pattern - Go! Knit! Photograph! Post! :)
Just Enabling you, Kate

Knit & Purl Mama said...

I love the way that the Spectrum is knitting up!

I finally got my March Sock Kit from BMFA! YEY! Though, it'll take me forever to get to knit up that yarn (though, I totally love just petting my STR). LOL.

Sugaring off sounds awesome! Maybe next year when Sean can appreciate it!

Love the Trellis on Maxime! Looks great! Such a stud!

Jennifer Lori said...

I miss sugaring off, although my inlaws usually grab a huge sled of fresh snow, set it on the table and boil some maple syrup indoors each year.

The sweater looks great on Maxime! Go you! I love how GQ he looks posing for the camera. Jakob does the same mirror thing, he can't resist kissing himself when facing a mirror.

Mmmmm bubble bath. Remember the days when they were kidless?

Maggie said...

Maxime is so sweet!

You know, I've never had maple syrup that way. I'm a bad Canadian. :(

Sereknitty said...

Maxime looks sooo cute in his lovely new Trellis! That is such a great colour! Those socks are going to be amazing in that green yarn ... can't wait to see the finished product.

AliP said...

Mmmmm taffy on a stick....
Woman, you is sooooo crazy with the knitting. I'm not worthy!!!
Audrey does have a blog AND it has free patterns of her own creation!! I am knitting her Belle-Maman socks for my sister and while they aren't difficult like say Monkeys or Embossed Leaves? They are Ecksquueeeeeezit!! I keep fucking them up though, simple as they are. Whoda thunk it?
See ya Wednesday maybe?