Monday, September 15, 2008

20 minutes

That's about all the time I've got to crank this post out today. I feel so frazzeld that I scarcely know where to begin, but it's been too long since my last post, so I figured this would be better than nothing.

OK, let's see. This weekend I took a break from painting in favour of buying Fall clothes for both kids (and a few pieces for myself), giving my credit card a vicious workout in the process. I am positively DREADING getting next month's credit card statement, but what are you going to do. The sudden change in weather took me by surprise last week, and poor Maxime was left with only hand-me-down pants that were WAY to big for him, and T-shirts with his borderline-too-small Trellis cardigan because I didn't have a single long-sleeved shirt that fit him. Plus I was squeezing him into these itty-bitty pajamas every night... It was high time I bought him some new clothes.

Émilie's situation wasn't quite so dire. I was actually surprised that she still fit into most of the pants she wore last year, and she still had quite a few long-sleeved tops, so I only had to buy her a few tops and some skirts and dresses (because she likes that kind of thing).

As for myself, even though I really couldn't afford any new clothes right now, I also realized that I didn't even have the bare minimum of 5 office-appropriate outfits, so I really had no choice. I think I was quite reasonable though. I bought a few pieces at L'Aubainerie (including some fabulous pants that were 26,98$. I couldn't believe it. 27$!!!), and a few tops at R&W, where they were having a one-day, 20% off everything in the store sale.

So all in all, not too shabby. And I look pretty good, if I do say so myself.

I'm just about finished 2 of my current projects. I'm about halfway down (up?) the leg on the not-a-surprise-anymore Nutkin socks I've been working on. They're for my cousin Jessica, who celebrated a birthday on September 11th. She came over yesterday and I showed her the first of the pair, and she seemed very happy with, um, it.

I've also got about 3 rows left to the border of the Baby Pinwheel Blanket, but at 600 stitches per row, I'm only getting about a row and a half done per evening.

No pictures of either project I'm afraid. I've got choir practice tonight, so I won't have time to take them. (I know, I know, busy bee. Hey, I wouldn't have it any other way. That's what makes life so interesting.) Stay tuned for FO sightings over the next few days!

(7 minutes left)

I've been a horrible knitting friend/pal lately. Everything's been so hectic, I haven't had the time to pack up my final package to my downstream pal, and I promised my upstream pal I'd make her a mix CD (in appreciation of the incredible CD she made me - so wonderful), but there just aren't enough hours in the day!!! Everything's ALMOST done, of course. I've got all the stuff for my pal, I just need to wrap it and get my arse to the post office, and I've selected all my songs for the mix CD (enough for 2 CDs actually), but I haven't actually BURNED it yet.


Oh, you wanna know who my (upstream) Secret Pal is? It's the lovely and talented Cynthia! There's a funny story behind her reveal, actually, but it'll have to be for another time... I've only got 4 minutes left! :)

In other news, I'm a bit miffed that I haven't received the beads for my yet-to-be-cast-on Mystery Stole. Doubly so because I happened to order beads to coordinate for a few skeins of laceweight (I was paying for shipping ANYWAY, right?), and now I totally want to knit up Waves of Grain. (Have you seen the new Knitty? It's awesome.)

OK, that about does it! Happy Knitting Everyone!

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Sinéad said...

Y'know that was probably one of my favourite super hero abilities in the last series of Heroes (did you see it?). The ability to stop time for everyone else but you kept going. Think of all the things you could get done and it would look like it only took 5 minutes! My kind of ability.
Glad you had a nice shopping trip. Sale items always make the pain easier to bear!