Thursday, September 25, 2008

More Garment Fantasies

As I mentioned last post, I'm having major garment fantasies, and in keeping with my tendency towards mental masturbation, I've given considerable thought to what I could cast on next (I'm down to a mere 2 "active" projects right now), as well as potential purchases during the New York Sheep and Wool Festival (aka Rhinebeck).

One of the garments I mentioned last time was Jamesey. I really like this pattern, I like that it's got some gansey action going on, it's definitely speaking to me. Upon re-examining the stash last night, I realized that I've got some lovely Shelridge Farms Soft Touch W4 that I could work beautifully with this pattern.

Interesting... However, further consideration has led me to identify 2 potential problems with this project.
  1. The original pattern is knit in a cotton yarn, and is designed to be shrunk after washing. Can I substitute a superwash merino for cotton? Will it work?
  2. (this is a biggie): by taking on a potentially huge project like this one, and considering the limited amount of knitting time I have at my disposal, am I setting myself up for a total Christmas-Eve meltdown? Maybe I should just stick to socks and hats? (but seriously, where's the fun in that?)

I don't know... I'll keep mulling it over (don't worry!) and keep you posted.

I'm also putting a great deal of thought into what I want to purchase at Rhinebeck this year. I'm heading out with Kate-the-Enabler for a girls' weekend, and frankly just getting a weekend away will be it's own reward at this point, regardless of the fact that it's for a fiber festival. STILL, there WILL be yarn there... As you've probably guessed, I'm hoping to buy sweater quantities of yarn this year. Looking at the vendor list, I'd say it's a pretty safe bet that the afore-mentioned Shelridge Farm, Knitting Notions, Morehouse Farm and Briar Rose booths will ALL be visited by yours truly in a mere 23 days. Squeeee!!!

I cast on my Miscellaneous-Man Socks earlier this week.

Basic no-brainer sock, knit with Twisted Fiber Art Playful in the Xavier colourway. I also got re-acquainted with the Celtic Tote last night. Oh Celtic Tote, how I missed thee! Progress will go quickly with this on I'm hoping (you know, because of the whole "cabling without a cable needle" thing).

In the "Fitness and Health" department, I signed up for a year-long membership to Curves earlier this week. No, it's not necessarily the workout of the century. Yes, it can become monotonous and repetitive, but honestly? The same can be said about EVERY workout program I've ever attempted. Bottom line? This works with my lifestyle, and it's better than what I was doing before, which was, um, nothing.

Kate-the-Enabler and I also started the hundred push-up challenge this week. Have you heard about this? Basically, it's a training program that claims you'll be able to do 100 consecutive push-ups in 6 weeks. I was reading about it on the Enchanting Juno's blog last week, and thought it would be a kick for the two of us to do together, sort of a way to stay motivated. I was depressed to find that I couldn't even manage ONE stinkin' "good-form" push-up, but after consulting with my sister-in-law (aka "She-of-the-great-ass-and-killer-arms"), I was able to manage about 3 with a wider stance, putting me in the lowest bracket (something about re-distributing my weight). Anyhoo! I started the Day 1 of Week 1 last night. Go go go!!!

I've also been paying better attention to what I'm eating. I was inspired by Maggie's post about this Smokey Miso Tofu sandwich, and decided it would be fun to try out. I had a little trouble finding some of the ingredients at first (I actually called my mostly-vegetarian cousin Jessica from the Vegan-Health-Macrobiotic-Organic store and asked her "What the heck is nutritional yeast, anyway?"), but eventually I had everything I needed (including some Quinoa and Kamut flour bread - that's gotta score me double points, right?). I made it on Sunday, and although I think I ultimately ended up slicing my tofu a bit too thin, it was really good, and I've had it for lunch 3 times this week. Proud of me?

Don't worry, I'm not going all "health-nut" on you. I've been baking practically every night this week, trying to make good use of all the apples we picked last weekend. Here's what Émilie and I made tonight. Apple honey muffins. Mmmmm...

Finally, the mail carrier left a lovely package from the Needle Arts Book Shop in my mailbox today! Some Belated Birthday Books from my lovely cousin (and lucky knitwear recipient) Jessica. Thanks, Jessie!

I'm particularly excited to have received Selbuvotter. I sense mittens in my future!

Happy Knitting Everyone! If all goes as planned, I'll have many (many many!) pictures of my new hardwood floors to share with you next post!


Sam said...

Funny post because I had actually bought Sheldridge Farms skeins last year to knit Selbuvotter mittens. I had originally used a much too thin (fingering) yarn for the first pairs (one mitt still half knit) and wanted to get bigger ones to fit my hands and not my daugther's !

Alrischa said...

Are your dpn's square? That's cool... never seen square needles.

I'm having problems settling to a project, but I think I'll stick to Today's Cast On for a bit, because it's looking ok.

The other day I cast on broadripple socks on my 3.5mm 17cm circulars. That's fun! Bit fiddley, but working well.

kate-the-enabler said...

Dear Ms. Landry,
Kate was unable to fully complete her pushup assignment for week 1, day 3, due to having a really nasty cold - she will repeat the assignment in full and catch up with the rest of the class early next week :)

and Rhinebeck girls weekend? WOOT!

(now, back to my kleenex and decongestants..)

Sereknitty said...

I'm back from Scotland, suffering wicked jet-lag! You've been very busy with knitting! Loved the finished pinwheel -- what did you decide to do for a border? I couldn't quite see, but it looks like some kind of eyelet pattern?? Very effective!

inukshuk71 said...

I don't think substituting Merino wool for cotton should be a problem and that colour would be lovely with that pattern. Your sock yarn is amazingly beautiful! And also congrats on the push for health. I checked out a Curves gym near my house and it's so tiny it really turned me off. I'll go for walks instead :)

Maggie said...

I'm so sad I won't get to hang with you and K-t-e at Rhinebeck! And I keep looking at that Twisted sock. I love those colours.

Knit and Purl Mama said...

I am loving the color of those man-socks. Yum!

I'm still mad I didnt see Shelridge Farms at Rhinebeck! UGH!

Go you for the health stuff. I need to get back on track. Baby weight to lose!