Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Who Knew?

I bet you didn't know this, but I recently discovered that the Pony Express is alive and well and still making deliveries. How did I come about this realization?

I'm sure you all read the Yarn Harlot (seriously, the thought that you'd be reading my blog but wouldn't know about the lovely and talented Ms Pearl-McPhee is baffling). Anyway, one of Stephanie's recent posts was about a beautiful cardigan she had just finished knitting, from Berroco's Norah Gaughan Volume 1 booklet. It's called Manon, and as soon as I saw it, I was smitten (you're reeling from the shock of that statement, I know).

Now, keeping in mind that I'm NOT BUYING YARN at the moment, and that I don't have any suitable worsted weight (or is it an Aran - and while we're on the subject, can someone tell me what the heck the difference between Aran and Worsted is ANYWAY???) in my stash, I did some poking about (but I'm totally, definitely NOT BUYING YARN).

Hmmm.... I could knit this thing in KnitPicks Andean Silk yarn for a mere 55$ (but I'm SO not buying yarn!), or I could check out Elann... click, click, click (did I mention this was during office hours?).

Finally I snap out of it, and realize that all this clicking is for naught, because I don't have the pattern booklet! It was available through Elann, but with shipping I felt it was pricey. Then I remembered a gift certificate for the Yarn Market I had gotten from my parents for my birthday (or was it Christmas?). Perfect! I had been holding off using this certificate, because I remembered that that provider's shipping charges to Canada were quite stiff, and I wanted to get something that would really make the shipping worth it.

That seemed to scratch the itch, and I quickly forgot all about Manon (remember, once I've thought a project through, I don't need to be burdoned by actually DOING it). Then this weekend when Phil and I went on our mad reorganization binge, I found the gift certificate and sat down to order the booklet and possibly a skein or two of yarn (I'm allowed to purchase yarn with gift money).

I found the booklet and put it in my cart. And that's when I saw the shipping charges: 14,80$ for the booklet + (are you ready?) 32.00$ for shipping. Putting my order at 46,80$. I still can't believe it.

And that's how I know the Pony Express is still out there making deliveries. Well, how else can you explain such a ridiculous amount for shipping a stinkin' pattern book??? It's got to be going towards feed and room and board and, I don't know, smallpox vaccinations or something, right?

Crazy unbelievable. I should get myself a T-shirt that says "A 50$ gift certificate and all I got was this little booklet" (look out, Café Press!). Bottom line: if you're in Canada, never order from Yarn Market. Ever.

OK, that's it for today. No pictures, I'm afraid. I usually post them in the evenings, but tonight I'll be too busy staring at David Boreanaz's feet while watching the premiere of Bones, hoping to catch a glimpse of the socks the Bones fans group on Ravelry sent him this summer.

Happy Knitting Everyone!


Knit and Purl Mama said...

I love the way you write your posts. You have knack for writing.

Anyhow, I'll let you know when I';m in Florida, and you can ship whatever you want there, and I'll bring it back for you. So if you want to hold onto your gift certificate for another two or three months, I'll be in Florida. There is no way I'm spending 750$ x 3 people (yes, Mack and Sean get to declare) so, bringing back 50$ for you is no issue :) I betcha they offer free shipping within the USA.. right?

I ordered from them once, but shipped it to my friends' place in Boston and then she shipped (needles) cheaply to me for 1.10$US. LOL.

Anonymous said...

HA! I agree with Robyn, that's some particularly tight writing on that post, bravo. I was intrigued by the Pony Express mention. Then forgot about it because I was interested in the rest, then when the pony express showed up again, it made me laugh. Well done :)

and hey! No response about the socks you guys sent? You just have to wait and see? You'll blog IMMEDIATELY if they're featured, right? Even if you have no photo..?

Maggie said...

They're probably using UPS for shipping, which is very economical within the US but once something crosses the border it costs an arm and a leg. I wanted to order a bra from a US online shop because the bras, they were under $20! But they ONLY shipped via UPS and it was going to cost $42 to ship an $18 bra to Ontario. So ridiculous.

Sinéad said...

That's some shipping bill, I thought it was only us Europeans that got stiffed with shipping!
I'd love to get a copy of that pattern book too, maybe I'll pick it up when I'm on holidays (7 weeks today yay!)

How was Bones??? I'm DYING for it to be shown over here. See any socks?

Jennifer Lori said...

OMG that's insane. I wonder if you could call the store directly and try to negotiate a different shipping arrangement?

(or next time ask for gift certificates to yarn stores with more reasonable shipping!)

birana said...

It's stupid to have shipping at this price. must me a mistake! This cardi is very nice by the way and you got at you rules not to buy.. continue! Fyi.. i don't read yarn harlot.. maybe twice a year for some posts. hi!hi! Shoppin on the office time. ouy bad girl.. ok we can't knit at the office, but we sometimes have plenty of time to shop, unfortunatly, since all the money we gain.. we're sending it so fast!

Alrischa said...

Hmm, maybe someone on Ravelry who has the book would sell it to you and post it cheap. I went through my books the other day and was surprised to find double copies! lol. What a memory!

It is a nice sweater, that Manon. Not sure I'm up to it. Having fun with the pinwheel edging at the moment. I thought it would be tedious, but it's fun and relaxing... if only one could knit in the bath...

Amelah said...

Be friend someone who lives in the States, ahve them ship it there, and then have them ship it to you !!!

Wow, $32! That is CRAZY!