Saturday, October 18, 2008

Ladies of Luxury

I wasn't able to write up a blog post last night. After Kate and I changed into our teddies and braided each other's hair, we had a pillow fight and I was just plain old tuckered out.

OK, not really. Here's what actually went down.

We left Laval at about 9:00 AM, and proceeded at a leisurely pace towards the border. The border crossing went pretty smoothly, and by about 3-ish, we were at the Vanderbilt Mansion in Hyde Park, NY. I had seen this estate on my trip to Rhinebeck last year, and having visited The Breakers in Newport, RI (another Vanderbilt estate), I knew it would be a great way to spend the afternoon.

It was. This was their "Spring and Summer" residence. That's 12 weeks a year, people. Not too shabby.
The view. Hi Kate! There's a happy girl!

The rose garden. Mmmmmmm....

It was a beautiful afternoon, and we had a lovely time walking the grounds and visiting the house.

From there it was on to Kate's bright idea for the trip, dinner at the Culinary Institute of America, specifically at L'Escoffier restaurant.

After getting changed in the back seat of my car (yes, really), we decided to take a few Vogue shots on the grounds.

Work it baby, work it!!!

Dinner was wonderful. Not exactly cheap, but we're SO worth it, right? As the wise and eminent Donna Summer once said, we work hard for the money.

From there we arrived safe and sound (if a bit late) at the hotel, where we brushed knitter greatness in the lobby. As we were waiting to check in, who should be standing in line in front of us but Franklin Habit himself. But our wits weren't about us, because we failed to Kinnear him. Oh well, we'll keep the camera at the ready today.

Happy Knitting Everyone!


Anonymous said...


That first line has me wiping coffee off my monitor. Thanks!

Have a great time!

p.s. Kate lucks out in the hair braiding swap- it will totally take her less time to braid yours than you hers.

Mrhide said...

Sounds like they are having a blast ... which hey, I am too with both kids. I smack Émilie hard enough with the grocery cart that she fell over (she and I weren't looking in front of us it seems :( ) All that while Maxime made sure everyone in the store heard him *loud and clear*. You know, like one of those X-files or Stephen King novels?! anyway ... We're having good ol' ragout tonight !! yum yum!

Amelah said...

too bad we missed you!! We looked for you both at Rhinebeck and at the Ravelry party! Still nothing!

Still have not met!!! lol hope you guys had fun!! We definitely did!

kate-the-enabler said...

What SHE said. What a very very good day.
(and the waiter looked like Jake Gyllenhal. Right Tara?)

Tara said...

Yes he did! He was adorable!

Knit and Purl Mama said...

Looks like dinner was fabulous...! And the views of the castles were gorgeous! What a great getaway!