Sunday, October 12, 2008

Po'ed UFOs

I swear there's something evil afoot at casa de Dear, people. There's no possible way a weekend can zoom by so frickin' fast. Unreal.

Friday night Phil and I decided to settle down and watch Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. We'd seen it before, but contrary to apparently most of the Western world, I quite liked it, and I wanted some appropriate knitting that would let me enjoy the film. I didn't really feel like working on my Miscellaneous-Man socks, and the Celtic Tote requires too much attention. So that left me with 2 options: cast on for something new or dive into the UFOs...

I chose the latter, and opted for the Good ole' Cabled Scarf I cast on for in, um...... November '07? The pattern is easily memorized, I can work it easily without a cable needle, and it IS knit with Malabrigo, for Pete's sake...

So I motored along on this thing for about 2 hours, and was really happy with my progress. Then when the movie was over, I actually LOOKED at it, and that's when I spotted it.

I don't know if you can really tell from this picture, but there was a big honkin' mistake about 12 inches down from the needles. This UFO was getting it's revenge from being left in the bottom of the knitting basket for almost a year, people.

What do you think I did? Of course I ripped it back (was there ever a doubt in your mind?). Phil thought I was nuts, but when I asked him what he would do if he spotted what he considered to be a glaring mistake in his kites, what would HE do? Then he got it.

Anyway, I ended up staying up waaaay past my usual bed time to try to recuperate some of my work, a decision I profoundly regretted between 12 AM and 3:30 AM when Maxime was awake approximately every 20 minutes (he's got a cold and a tooth coming in). Gotta remember those priorities. When parenting small children, it's never wise to sacrifice sleep in favour of knitting.

Thankfully Saturday was a blast. My friend Nadine, who I visited in Japan and has since moved to Red Deer, Alberta, was back in good old Montréal for a wedding, and I got to meet up with her and spend the afternoon shopping, lady lunching, and getting a pedicure. I also had her over for dinner, which was great, since she hadn't seen Phil and Émilie in 3 years and hadn't seen Maxime since last summer.

Today was fairly ordinary. Groceries, laundry. DORMA. :)

Happy Knitting Everyone! Give Thanks for Glorious Fiber!


Sinéad said...

I hate it when I make mistakes like that! So frustrating. Can I join the "I secretly enjoyed Indiana Jones club?" I think I'd be a good member...
I was cleaning madly on Saturday morning for my Mam's birthday dinner and all I could think was if this is what DORMA's about I don't want any thank you very much. lol

Alrischa said...

I can just imagine him saying, "I can't believe you're ripping it all back! I have to get a photo of this..." hehe.

Don't you love the way that kids sense when you've had too little sleep... and decide to keep you up a bit more? Here I am at 1/4 to midnight (after telling my hubby I wouldn't stay up too late tonight) reading knitting blogs and hoping that I don't have to get up just as I'm falling asleep.

At least Byron only wakes up about 1 in 5 nights, now. But of course it's different when new teeth come along. Poor little things!

Hope you find enough time for kids, sleep and knitting. It's a trick to balance them, isn't it?

Amelah said...

Ohh Shopping is always good! Sounds like you had a good afternoon!

Frogging a project SUCKS!

Anonymous said...

I know it's too late now... but the problem wasn't a candedate for dropping back only the offending sts and reworking them, so you didn't have to rip everything? Ever since I learned how to do that, I have been pretty fearless about dropping stuff back, even cables. (Some lace is too tricky, though, and not worth the effort).

I SO hear you on the middle of the night thing. I swear Jakob KNOWS when I've been up late, because those are the nights that he starts to cry the *minute* my head hits the pillow.

Last night he'd peed through his pjs so woke up around 4:45 and took until 5:30 to get him back to sleep. Luckily he slept until 7 after that, so I wasn't too cranky in the morning. (Yes, I and not he, lol).

Sereknitty said...

Bummer! Yup, I would have ripped it out, too. It is looking quite lovely though :) Where is the pattern from?

Knit and Purl Mama said...

I love me a good shopping fix.

I would have ripped back too. I just did on my Chevron scarf - about the same 12 inches got frogged too...I hate mistakes!