Monday, April 19, 2010

Life goes on

Along with the madness this past week, there were, of course, a few gems I thought I'd share with you.

The kids and I made nummy-liscious raspberry-orange muffins this weekend. It was the first time we all baked together, and it went surprisingly well. Here they are, licking the bowl clean once the muffins were in the oven (the best part of any kind of baking, I think you'll agree).

Maxime, who's going to be THREE in a few short weeks, has developed a full-blown obsession with all things Spider-man. But we have to call him Pider-Maaaaaaaaaayn!

Those would be Spider-man stickers all over his face, in case you were wondering. He's also wearing his Spider-man shirt, pants and slippers pretty much 24/7. At least I know what to get him for his birthday!

Émilie got her report-card (yes, while she may be in kindergarten, she gets a really detailed report-card) and got all A's except for "interaction with others", heh. As Phil says, this kid ain't lettin' NO-body boss her around! SHE be the boss, you hear?

She also earned an Honor Certificate for her excellent reading skills.

And last but certainly (certainly) not least... I bought a wee bit of yarn :)
3 glorious, luscious, positively drool-worthy skeins of String Theory Caper sock yarn, to be precise in Java, Garnet and Brina (left, from top). I cannot WAIT to cast on with this yarn!!!

Happy Knitting Everyone!


Mrhide said...

" I cannot wait to cast on this yarn"...yeah yeah,you're ain't fooling no one lady. We all know it will just go and sit in "the out-of-control-stash" for a few years before there's any chance of you casting it on. I WANT MY GARDE ROBE SPACE BACK DARN IT!

Sinéad said...

Baking. Nom. Licking the bowl is definitely the best part. Looks like it was fun! Congratulations on your certificate Émilie, and your super duper report card. Smart kid :)
As for Maxime, have you seen all the Spidey projects on Ravelry? Check them out!

Laurie said...

Beautiful yarn!!! And you may have inspired me to revive my weekend muffin-baking tradition...might even go kidnap the 4-year olds next door to help!! Raspberry-orange...yum!

Knit and Purl Mama said...

That yarn look luscious! I will have to add String Theory to my list of yarns for 2011! Oh la la! Those colors are fab.

Sean & Mack both love Spiderman too. Sean's also been obsessed with stickers lately too. I find them all over the house, and on him. He likes to decorate Mack too with them.

Mmm those muffins look good. Send some over to DDO please? :) I need some snacks for the airplane! :)

dawn said...

Love the Spider man stickers on the face! My boys are really into superheros...batman right now.

Knitting Out Loud said...

What fun to cook with your kids!

Audrey said...

Cute kids :) and the yarn is amazingly beautiful. What will you make yourself with it (because there is no way someone else could deserve it!)?